Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 1 - Sunday

We woke up Sunday morning, left the hotel we were at in downtown San Antonio, headed back to Boerne, went to my parent's house and opened some gifts and read some cards, then headed to Blake's to pack and load up the car. I love road trips because there isn't anyone with a scale and tiny compartment measuring my carry-on's and luggage. I packed a lot but Blake didn't say anything about all the stuff I was loading up. :)

Blake and me before we headed out on Sunday...

We headed out around 6:15 pm and headed towards Dallas. We wanted to make it to Greenville, just on the other side of Dallas and made it at 11:30 pm. This meant that in the morning we only had about 6 hours to go until we made it to Memphis. So, we slept well and enjoyed our very brief stay in Greenville.

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