Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 2 - Memphis here we come

Day 2 was spent mostly in the car...The Kallemyn's in the car...

We left Greenville around 11:15 am and headed east. We took it slow, enjoying the scenery, stopping to sit down for lunch and even for some great photos. We turned around in Arkansas when we crossed the state line because the camera didn't click fast enough to get a picture of the "Welcome to Arkansas" sign, but we got it the second time around. Although we didn't stay or do anything besides have lunch in AR I still had to take a picture!

The sign says it all...

We enjoyed spending time together, talking about how much fun we had at the wedding and imagining how much fun lay ahead for us. We were so excited to be on our honeymoon and headed to Tennessee! We made it to Memphis around 6:15 pm.

We found our hotel very easily, checked in and got ready to find a good bite to eat. We headed to Beale Street, Memphis' version of Bourbon Street. It was so much fun. It was good that it was a Monday night because it wasn't packed. There was just enough people out.

The lobby staff at the hotel suggested that we go to Blue's City Cafe for the famous ribs but we by-passed it to try something else so we could eat at Blue's City before we left the next day.

Beale Street

Once we got to Beale street and rounded the corner we saw Miss Polly's Soul Cafe. That's where we ate our first meal in the Soul City. YUMMY!! You could smell the chicken grease before you even opened the door. It smelled just like I would imagine a southern home on a Sunday afternoon would. Wonderfully fattening!

Miss Polly's Soul City Cafe...wonderfully delicious and of course everything was fat-free!

I had the Bird House special: Fried chicken tenders served with mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy and a jalapeno cornbread muffin. Blake had the same except for the chicken, it was steak, chicken fried. :)

Obviously it was good...

After we left Miss Polly's we headed south and were beckoned into a small juke joint, Blue's Hall, by the sound of, what else, the blues. It was so exciting!! I wanted to jump up and down; I was in the Soul City listening to live blues was so much fun!

The enertainment for the evening was The Dr. Feelgood Potts Band. It was true blues...songs about outlaw inlaws, hard times and lost lovers. The bar was dark and the walls were pictures of old school Memphis and famous blues singers.

We decided to head to the next place and ended up at the Pepsi Cola Park (Judith, you're dad would be so proud.) There was another live blues band but this band was a little more upbeat blues, if that's possible. It was nice to sit in the park, next to the Memphis bums, and enjoy the atmosphere. If I were a bum, I'd choose Memphis to call "Home."

After we chilled at the park for a while we walked across Beale we went to Alfred's and tonight it was times. Neither of us sang but we were serenaded by some great singers.

We headed upstairs to sit on the patio overlooking Beale Street and were the only ones up there which made it nice. We could still hear the park band's music drifting through the street and up to where we were. It was great. There was a cool breeze and we had an awesome view of all the wanderers.

Blake looked across the street at the O'Sullivan's sign and said it summed up our first day and night of our honeymoon: "Food, Music and Fun!"

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