Monday, December 24, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I can't believe that Christmas is tomorrow! This year, as slowly as it seemed to pass at times due to my excitement of our wedding, went by very quickly! Every year there is always something that we look forward to that seems far away and once it has passed we sit and think to ourselves, "Where did time go?" In exactly one week we will be ringing in the New Year with a great group of friends and I know that this week will go by so quickly and all of a sudden we will be saying again, "Where did time go?"

There are many things we are thankful for as this year has been one filled with many wonderful memories and even some sad ones. Since I have known Blake he has always "grounded me." I am a very high strung individual, as most of you who are reading this know, and Blake has always reminded me that we can't have the good without experiencing the bad. We wouldn't know what happiness is without having to experience the bad times. However, you can also look at it the other way; you can't have the bad without the good. There are always good times...the glass is always half full. It's how Blake approaches life. He is very wise beyond his years and when something happens that makes me feel like I could be upset for days he always gets me turned around and pointed in the positive direction. (I know where he got it from even if he doesn't yet realize it.)

This year these are a few things I am thankful for:
1. God for bringing someone into my life who knows exactly who I am and what I stand for and still loves me unconditionally for all the good and the bad.
2. Family. The one's I grew up with and the new family members who have entered into my life. Knowing where I came from and and where Blake came from a blessing. Blake, the official newest member of my family is also something I am especially thankful for because he's always been there for me no matter what.
3. Great friends who probably don't even know how much they mean to me. Each and everyone of you help to complete me and make my life merrier.
4. Laughter. Even though there are always days when it seems we can't or don't want to laugh being with someone and surrounded by family and friends who can always bring a smile to my face.
5. Forgiveness. I'm thankful for God's unfailing love and forgiveness and the forgiveness of others for things I do out of a lack of understanding or otherwise.
6. Memories of 2007. This has been an exciting year and a lot of fun. There has of course been some sad memories; my grandparents failing health and not getting to spend as much time with them as I like and a job loss due to reasons beyond my control and understanding, that is pretty much the extent of the "bad" times this year. However, there is always a lesson to be learned and growth that comes with change. God has blessed us tremendously and has provided for us.

There has to be more...I'm forgetting so much right now, but this year has been super from the very beginning. Thank you for sharing your lives with us and for allowing us to share our lives with you. We look forward to an exciting 2008. Blake's brother and sister-in-law are expecting thier first child, a little girl who is due in April. We are excited to be an aunt and uncle to another wonderful child. Both Blake and I will be one year closer to graduating. That will be one thing that can't come soon enough and we will be happy to say, "Wow, that really did go by fast." Also, more birthdays of family and friends and anniversaries and many things to celebrate and send us out on the road to spend time with everyone. 2008 will be another wonderful year.

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