Monday, May 5, 2008

Time flyer

Time flies! Just the other day we were ringing in the new year and now here it May. So, turns out I'm really, really bad at this.

Let's see. Blake and I have another neice to add to our collection! :) Her name is Trinity Leigh Cloud. Wade and Tiffany are her proud parents and we all welcomed her into the world on March the 31st. She was one day early! She's precious of course and we get to see her often which is great.

Blake is in the middle of finals and is very busy studying and working and making sure I'm happy. Ha-ha! He always makes me happy. Another big event is that I'm starting a new job. YES, another new job. Third one in the course of a year. But, as we all know I'm young and can be flighty although I still don't like the idea of that one bit. But, USAA called about three weeks ago now and I went through a two week interview process and start on the 12th of this month. It's a great company to work for with a lot of benefits. I was shocked when I got the message because I applied for a job with USAA about a year ago and they just now called. I'm looking forward to the oppurtunity and the chance to use my insurance license again.

Let's see...what else of our exciting life can we offer? We've been hanging out with friends and having them over for cook-outs and enjoying their company and they come back so we assume they enjoy our company. We have been watching the Spurs play in the NBA playoffs...Blake's doing that at this moment. This past Sunday I went into San Antonio with my parents to have brunch with my sister-in-law Laura. She was down from AZ for her friend's wedding. We went to the Gristmill. It was delicious. Blake really should've been there cause he loves biscuits and gracy and the biscuits were about the size of my whole hand and the gravy was made from scratch I was good. Not as good as my Granny's but it was close.

Oh, we have another family member who will soon be joining us. My cousin Cristina is pregnant and expecting a little boy in July. His name is Jacob. We can wait to see him either. We went in April and the cousins through her a baby shower. She got some great stuff and a fun time was had by all.

This upcoming weekend is Mother's Day. We are going to church with my mom and dad, then eating lunch over at our house (we are grilling for mom...Blake's the best Steak griller this side of anywhere!) and then Blake's installing her satallite radio. For dinner we are going to Blake's mom's where we will eat again. Kathy and Wiley bought a house here in Ranger Creek so now we have both sets of parents right down the road...we are at the back of Ranger Creek up on the hill and we drive by their houses everyday. Neither sets of our parents are ever home though...they have more of a life than we do! :) Kathy always said she was a terrible cook and didn't like big crowds and such but now that they have that house she's cooking up a storm. She invited us for breakfast and we've gotten a few invites to some dinners. So, it must've been her old kitchen she didn't like...not the cooking and company! :) That's good to know. We look forward to spending time with both of our mother's and family this weekend.

So...that's the latest on our exciting life. We'll return in just a few months with the next half of the days of our lives. ;)
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