Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

I haven't blogged in forever so I thought I'd log in and it's Tuesday which means Ten Things Tuesday! So, here you go... and by the way, this is something I've been doing from a site i've found and enjoy. http://xboxwife.blogspot.com/search/label/Ten%20Things%20Tuesday

1. My brother and his family are in town visiting. I miss them and wished they lived closer! Here are some funny things from the mouths of babes that I've heard during their visit. Brady had to go to the bathroom and came out without his shorts or underwear. I asked him what he needed and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Someone needs to wipe my butt!!!" Ha-ha! I love those two boys.

2. We went camping over the 4th of July long holiday weekend. Cell phone service was no where to be found, it was hot but beautiful, we found a spring fed creek that was ice cold, and fun was had by all...so relaxing even with the hard work of setting up camp.

3. Let's see...what else. My sister had her baby in March and a day later our Papa passed away. It was so sad but also such a blessing to see family and family friends. It's said that weddings and funerals are the only times you see everyone and the older I get the more that's been proven to be true.

4. Speaking of babies...no, we aren't expecting but it seems everyone I know is! I can't believe my friends, all around my age, are old to be parents. It's crazy but so exciting!

5. I am thinking of applying for another position, within my company. Hope it works out

6. We have a girls trip planned to go to the coast but I'm not sure if it'll happen...we shall see. We want to do something but we don't have anything nailed down. We hope to do it every year.

and...that's all I've got for this Tuesday. Sorry. I'm sure there is more but 6 is all my little brain can think of today.
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