Monday, October 5, 2009

Keepsake Bookmarks

I somehow got a subscription to Family Living or Family Circle or something and I'm not really sure how it happened but I'm glad it comes a couple times a month. I love cooking and dabbling into crafts and they have some good I thought I share one with YOU.

I have tons of "keepsakes" from concerts, sporting events, airline tickets, etc... in a box that I keep telling myself I want to put in a scrapbook or something but of course they are still in the box. Well, a Family Circle reader sent in a suggestion to turn your momentos into bookmarks!

1. Laminate the ticket
2. Punch a hole in the top
3. Run a pretty ribbon through the hole and...PRESTO! You have a bookmark.

Each time you read you can open the book and briefly go back to your favorite vacation spot, concert or sporting event! Now, the hard part is that I  have to locate the box!

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