Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sew Excited

Sewing Machine finally fixed, up and running!

This is my mom's sewing machine that she passed down to me. Granny said she got it for her right after my parents got it's almost 30 years old and it's still in great condition. I thought that the tension was broken but I just didn't know how to thread it properly! :) Haha! My mom has made plenty of Halloween costumes, Christmas Pagent out church, Easter dresses and more on this machine. I hope I can get another 30 or so years out of it! This past week I went to visit my grandmother for a few days and took it so she could show me some basics but we were busy with other stuff and it ended up being my Aunt Nancy, another awesome seamstress in the family, who showed me some different techiniques. Most importantly how to thread the needle and bobbin! :) I took the thread of my grandmother's because I was afraid I'd forget on my way home so a lot of my practice today is with thread that doesn't match!! But, I ventured out and took teh thread out and re-threaded the machine and bobbin just to make sure and keep my mind sharp!

Here's my very first "sewing kit"

This is an old cigar box that was my Lulu's, my dad' mother. She even put stips of wood with nails to hold up her thread spools. The three thread spools are pictured are also her's and the rose cards are old needles that were also my Lulu's. The new tools and needles are gifts from my Aunt Nancy, my mom's sister, who went to Wal-Mart and got me a "starter kit" for my machine in case I ever need to make repairs. I have a feeling though I'll be calling her or making another special trip to see if she can fix it!! :)
Here's a close up of the needle package. :) Everything was so pretty.

My very first project: A sewing machine cover.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, it was taken with my phone. Also, it's sitting on it's very own shelf in my garage which is one reason I wanted this to be my first project since it can get dusty in there. The fabric was given to me by my Granny, she has a vest made out of this material and this was left over. She has a huge trunk filled with left over fabric so I grabbed a few stacks. It was rainy and dreaery today so it was a good day to stay inside and teach myself to sew!

This was more or less "practice," obviously :), but I want to get some fabric that is heavier weight and quilt it as well and make a new one. Everything like the hems are are "on the inside" except for one section of sewing on the top. It's funny! But, for not having a pattern (not like it's super hard) and for this being my very first project all alone I though it wasn't too bad. At least to just cover up my machine while it's in the garage.

I have a pattern my Ganny gave me for an apron and have some fabric she gave to me so that's another project I want to tackle. I also hope to make some curtains, shower curtain for our guest bathroom, pillow covers and shams, a baby blanket just to see if I can do it; maybe it'll be a gift if anyone of my friends gets pregnant soon. I also want to make a tote bag. Lots of projects I hope to tackle and hopefully I'll find the time to set aside for my new hobby.

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