Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The other night Blake and I had gone out with some friends and once we got home and to the front door I held Blake back from entering the house. I pointed to the decorative pumpkin sign hanging on the door and jokingly said, "before you can go in you have to tell me something you are thankful for." Normally, Blake goesalong with my silliness and will say something funny to get me to stop being silly. But, instead he grabbed my hand and told me how happy his life was because of me sharing it with him. How much he loves me and never imagined loving anyone so much. He was so sweet and honest and totally blew me away. Not because he doesn't tell me he loves me daily or tell me how great I am (haha! more silliness!!) but it's always when I'm being stupid and funny that he surprises me with his honesty and sweetness. Of course I dropped the funny act and told him that I loved him, was thankful he was in my life and means the world to me. I love and amankful for the way he can calm me down and he can cheer me up in a second when I've had a long day. He has such a sweet, calm and caring way with me and I love him for it.

So, because of my pumpkin sign  we've started a new tradtion. Whenever we come to the front door we will say something we are thankful for. A roof over our head, our family, our friends, having jobs, no matter what it is. I love our new fall tradition!

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