Tuesday, March 30, 2010

15 weeks

How Far Along: 15 weeks and a day. ;)

Fruit/Object: The baby is the size of a softball.

Size: 4 1/2 to 5 inches long, about 3 1/2 ounces. Tiny little snootfruiter.

Baby changes: It's still a little early to feel movement, although you should feel your baby move in the next few weeks. Your baby's rapid growth continues. Its skin is thin. At this point in its development, you can see blood vessels through the skin. Fine hair, called lanugo hair, covers the baby's body. By this time your baby might be sucking its thumb. Eyes continue to the front of the face but are still widely separated. Ears continue to develop externally. Bones that have already formed are getting harder and retaining calcium rapidly. If an x-ray were done at this time, the baby's skeleton would be visible.

Best Moment this week: Our crib came in! I know, we still have 5 months to go, but my mom went ahead and ordered it and Blake and I went to pick it up. I MADE him put it up. I know, I know...we still have 5 months to go. But, I couldn't stand it and wanted to see it in person. It's making my urge to meet this baby even stronger!

This is NOT the bedding...just the bed. I love it. :) It makes into toddler bed and also a full size bed. Also, we got the cherry, not the "Chocolate Mist" I will take a picture of it next week and post our "real" crib. :)

Gender: Unknown - Since the beginning...well, since before we even got pregnant, it's been Blake's desire to not find out...I might just take this section out 'cause it's going to be a surprise! :) I wasn't too keen on the idea but I get excited when I think about "D-day" and finding out when they put the baby in my arms for the first time.

Movement: I swear I felt the baby move a couple times in the last few days. I went to the doctor yesterday and she asked if I felt it and I asked if it was too soon because everyone kept telling me I was crazy. Haha. But, it feelt like tiny little bubbles on my left side. It happened in teh morning when I was laying down before starting my day. I know people say, "Oh it's just gas pains..." but I've never felt that kind of fluttery/bubbly kind of gas pains. I guess once I'm further along and I feel it again it'll be confirmed that I was correct or not. The doctor said it isn't too soon and said she doesn't think I'm crazy. :)

Food Craving: Pasta...carbs! :)

What I miss: Hmmm...nothing really.

Sleep: Still waking up frequently to pee. And, having more vivid dreams. I normally don't dream. Some are weird and strange and others are funny. I've woken up a few times laughing but the second I'm really awake I can't remember what I was laughing about.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting this baby!! :) It is going to be a long 5 months because I am so in love and so ready to hold our baby boy/girl I can't stand it!

Symptoms: Mild headaches in the afternoon but other than that it's perfect. Loving pregnancy!

Here's a funny picture we captuered at the San Antonio Zoo. We were checkin' out the birds and had to capture a pciture of me and the stork. :) Storks are where babies come from, right?!

Until next time,

Monday, March 22, 2010

14 weeks

I found this "update" template and wish I would've used it since the beginning! But, we'll start now. :)

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Fruit: The baby is the size of a lemon or about the size of your fist.

Size: 3 1/4 to 4 inches long, almost 1 ounce (25g)

Baby changes: By this week the baby's ears have moved from the neck to the sides of the head. Eyes have been moving gradually from the side of the head to the front of the face. The neck continues to get longer, and the chin no longer rests on the chest. Sexual development continues. It is becoming easier to determine male from female by looking at external genitalia, which are more developed.

Best Moment this week: Well, it's the beginning of week 14 but today was the first day I could keep my eyes open from the hours of 1 pm to 3 pm and the first day I didn't want to come straight home and crash on the couch. :) So, I'm hoping this lack of sleepiness lasts!

Gender: Unknown

Movement: Nothing yet...soon though I hope!

Food Craving: Pasta...carbs! :)

What I miss: Beer :) We went camping this weekend with some friends and after a long week at work, a nice, ice cold swig of Bud Light would've been nice.

Sleep: Pretty good until 3 or 4 am when I get woken up by my bladder.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the sex...come delivery day. We aren't finding out but I'm itching to know! I am also looking forward to looking really pregnant, not just a fat stomach.

Symptoms: Nothing really. I've been tired but hopefully that has ended! :) Fingers crossed.

Until next time,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Funny: Mood Swings

Today I texted Blake to ask him what he wanted drink and snack wise for our camping trip this weekend. He didn't respond before I went to the store so I was sure to pick up his junkiest favs: cracker sticks with fake cheese packets (B loves those), pb crackers, star crunches, blackcherry and grape sodas, and smore ingredients. He texted later in the day and I told him everything I got and inlcuded a :) in the text and this is how the rest of the texts un-folded:
B: "You're the greatest."
H: "It's because I love you. Because you're worth it. :)"
B: "I'm saving this text."
H: "Why?"
B: "Oh, just savoring the happy mood swing."
H: "LOL. Great."

After chuckling for a few seconds I asked myself, "Have my mood swings been all that bad?!" Honestly, I really don't think so and knowing Blake and his sense of humor I know he was just poking fun at me but I have to admit, the last three months have been more of an emotional roller coaster than normal. However, it makes for some funny stories though.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I feel, know, dream, think, need...

I am...not looking forward to going back to work after being off last Friday, Monday, Tuesday and today.

I think...I am wanting to find out the sex of this baby. But, daddy's wishes on this one. He gives me so much and wants so badly to be surprised on delivery day.

I should...be getting ready for bed.

I dream...About having more time for everything I want to get done, including lazy, nap time. :)

I want...One extra bedroom in our home.

I know...I am loved and it is such a wonderful feeling.

I hate...traffic.

I smell...Gucci Flora. I just moved a dresser into our room from the guest room and haven't been feeling up to smelling anything strong lately but wanted to spritz the curtain in our room. I can still smell it. Smells good.

I hear...The television and Blake talking to one of his friends

I fear...That I won't be able to handle motherhood.

I search...for the perfect sleep position every night. I toss and turn all night thinking my other side will be more comfortable, but find it's not as comfortable as the position I was in.

I miss...family who is far away. I wish my brother and his family and my sister and her family were closer.

I always...well, 99.9% of the time have buyer's remorse. Even if it's something I really needed like laundry detergent or face wash. Haha. Not sure why. I think it's my indicisive nature.

I crave...spaghetti. I could eat it lunch and dinner.

I remember... All the fun we had growing up on Lost Creek in San Antonio. Football, swim team, playing doctor, radio dj's, teacher, and even realtor. We had very active imaginations.

I need...get to bed.

I forget...Even while complaining how slowly time goes by when I'm waiting for a big event or day the time still passes by so quickly and the big event or day is gone so quickly. I need to learn to enjoy every second of the waiting.

I feel...happy to get to spend time with my sister and her family who are in town visiting but sad that I cancelled the last two days of my PTO.
I can...make a  really good homemade apple pie and my husband greatly appreciates it.

I can't...stop worrying most of the time. I'm a worrier. I need to not be a worrier.

I am happy...when I think of our future as a family of 3

I sing...karaoke and I love it!

I listen...not so well. :) I'm always thinking and need to work on stopping my brain and truely hearing what people are saying.

I eat...crap. Gotta work on eating heathier.

I love...Blake. He's such a good man. Brings balance and joy to my life.

I shop...too much. Gotta work on saving more, spending less. Seems I gotta work on a lot!

Old Wives Tales: Boy or Girl?

This is a fun blog where I'll take old waives tales and see whether we've got a boy or a girl on our hands...or if we still have no clue! :)

1. Heartbeats
One belief that has been around for some time, and even had some acceptance in the medical community at one point, is that the fetal heartbeat differs for boys and girls. If you're having a girl, then the fetal heart rate will be above 140. A boy will have a heart rate below 140. However, that pesky science has reared its little head again to say that this is complete fiction. A baby's heart rate is not affected by its sex until it is born, when a girl's heart rate will increase considerably compared with boys during labor.
RESULT: Girl - The heartbeat at 13 weeks was 150

2.Craving Something…Sweet?
Many people believe that your cravings are caused by the sex of your baby. So, if you can't get enough chocolate, you could be having a girl. Does the idea of drinking straight lemon juice sound delicious to you? Then those sour cravings are a result of the little boy inside of you. However, if you go by the scientists, then some of them will claim that you're not even having cravings because cravings just don't exist.
RESULT: Tie - I crave spaghetti which is not sweet but also fruity chewy candy and fruit icecicle pops. So, you've got some salty and a some sweet.

3.Weight Gain
Thankfully, this one doesn't refer to your weight gain. The belief is that, if your husband puts on weight during your pregnancy, then you will be having a girl. If he doesn't put on a pound, then you're carrying a boy.
Result: Unknown - I'm only in my 13th week and I've lost 5 pounds in my first trimester and Blake has so far stayed the same.

4. Chinese Birth Chart
You add two years to your age at conception which gives you your lunar age and then check on this calendar/grid system and depending on the age of the mother at conception (the lunar age...not the age we Americans go by) and the month of conception it'll tell you whether you're having a boy or a girl. It's not as confusing as I'm making it out to be...you can Google it.
Result: Boy

5. Gender Predictor Quiz
http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/oldwivestales/ There is 15 questions based on old wives tales
Result: 67% it's a Boy

6. The ring test
Put your wedding ring on a chain and hold it over your belly. If it goes around in circles, it's a girl. If it swings back and forth or side to side it's a boy.
Result: Well, my sister did this with her necklace. The first time it went back and forth: boy. The next two times it went around in a circle: girl. Me and Blake did this with my ring on a necklace and it did nothing. So...who knows.

7. Boys love Girls, Girls love boys
If a baby boy doesn't come to you willining to be held you're having a boy and vice versa, if he does come to you, you're having a girl. Same with a girl baby. If she comes to you, you're having a boy and if she doesn't you're carrying a girl.
Result: Boy - A lady I work with brought in her one year old son and he wouldn't come to me. She's brought him in before and he's let me hold him. My neice also came into town and she is almost a year. She came straight to me whereas in the past she was more pushing me away to get back to her momma.

8. Mayan Tale
The Mayan tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception. If the result is a even number then mom is having a girl. If the result is an odd number then a boy is on the way! According to this, we are having a girl.
Result: 37 - Boy I was 28 when we got pregnant and the year was 2009

9. Acne
If you have acne while pregnant, it’s a girl. It’s thought that acne during pregnancy is caused by the extra hormones.
Result: Girl - I'm breaking out more than normal

10. History of Parent’s Kids
You can find out the sex by going off of your parent’s kids and the order. If you are the first born, you will have what your mother had but starting with her second child. If you are the middle child, you will have what she had, but starting with the third child. If you are the last child, you will have what your mother had in the exact order. I think this tale only works when the parent’s had three kids.
Result: Girl - my mom had Laura first, the Joshua, then me! Girl, Boy, Girl...we will stop at Boy. :)

11. Dream of Sex of Baby
If you have dreams that you are having a boy, you will have a girl. If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy. Dreams show the opposite of what you are having. I’ve only had a dream that I was having twins, and there’s only one baby in there, so maybe there’s some truth to this… or maybe it’s just a coincidence!
Result: Boy and a Girl - I've had dreams with boy

12. Morning Sickness
If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it’s a boy. If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl. As you know, I have only thrown up once, but I’ve been extremely nauseous more often than not. Girl again perhaps.
Result: Boy - However, I've heard the opposite of this one as well

So, we will see come baby's due date!!

13 weeks: Welcome to the Second Trimester

     So, I was a little off on my due date, only by 2 days but I am still confused. Our first sonogram the due date reads at the bottom the 21st on one picture and teh 22nd, because of how she was measuring the baby. I originally thought it was the 19th. No big deal, just a few days but today I wanted to double check and she said the 20th. This is a date I'd never heard but it is closest to my original date which I am pretty sure, like 100%, based on time of conception due to certain events that I remember, that the 19th is the due date. Anyway, what is one day? Everyone knows babies don't come on their due date anyway, right? Which brings me to another thought. I know when I say this I will get a lot of laughs, I already have, especially from my doctor who sees hundreds of pregnant ladies daily. After I told her what I am about to share with you (Oh, the suspense) she jotted it on her traveling little computer screen and said, "I won't put a 'tee-hee' after it." So, I would like the baby to be 12 days late. I know, I know, I know. Crazy. No 9 month along pregnant lady is going to wish that on herself. They are so ready to get the big ole baby out and start the process of having their own body back. But, the reason being is that I get 12 weeks maternity leave. If I have the baby 12 days late, on October 2nd which also happens to be Blake's birthday, then it will put me through Christmas week. If I have the baby on the due date I'll go back right before Christmas week and I don't want to leave my baby at day care for the first time on Christmas week. I don't care if it's a short week or not, I just don't want to. So, we will all be laughing at me come September and I know I will get a lot of reminders, "But, you said you wanted the baby to be late!!" I can hear everyone now. ;)

I am 13.5 weeks and still chuggin' along. We had a doctor's appointment today and got to hear the sweet heartbeat.  Now, I'm sure you've heard the old wives tale where if the baby's heart is beating fast you're havinga  girl and if it's beating slow you're having a boy. ANything above 140 is considered a girl. So, our baby's heartbeat was 150. Just slightly above the 140 mark. I go back and forth daily and sometimes I really think I'm having a boy and other times I think I'm really having a girl. I'm also ok with either. I want a boy and a girl and I don't care what order. The second baby is the one I'll be antsy about finding out about...are we having another ______ or a ______? So, I'm going to follow up this blog with various old wives tales that show I'm having a boy and a girl. Haha. We will see which is more correct come September, or hopefully October. I know, feel free to laugh! :)

So, this is what baby is up to this week from babycenter.com: 
"As you enter your second trimester, your baby is growing quickly--and you will be able to hear his heartbeat at your next doctor's visit! (We did today!!)
Your baby is ramping up his growth rate. Your baby's organs, now fully formed, will mature during this trimester in preparation for life after birth. You still supply his oxygen through your bloodstream, but your baby will exercise his lungs and work his chest muscles. His kidneys are getting some practice too, and the amniotic fluid now contains fetal urine. The placenta is working alongside your baby, producing hormones and red blood cells.
His skin is becoming more waterproof. His heartbeat will start slowing down, but it will be strong enough for you to hear during your prenatal visit. His brain is continuing to grow. In fact everything will start growing so fast this month that your baby will almost double in length by the end of the 2nd trimester. Grow, baby, grow!"
P.S. Baby is the size of a peach! :)

Until next time,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

A few of my favorite things...

1. Paper:
I love, love, love calendars, agendas, address books, note and thank-you cards and pretty little notebooks. I love paper! I have three calendars on my desk, a notebook weekly calender that fits in my purse nicely, and three calendars at our house. One hangs on the inside of the pantry door, one is by the washer and dryer and the other is inside the door of my medicine cabinent. I have countless numbers of notebooks. Notebooks with floral covers, plaid covers, polka dot covers, paisly covers, spiral bound, leather bound...you get the idea. I love having something handy to jot down ideas and make lists. just love paper.

Here is one of my favorite binders, Jenni Bick. We bought our guest book for our wedding from her and actually used it for all of the showers and I plan on continue to use it for the baby showers and visitors we have at the hospital and to our home after the baby arrives. She makes some beautiful items!

Beautiful leather bound photo albums

Custom guest books. Handbound and covered in Japanese silk

Oh, here's another great place for very nice and pretty inexpensive custom notecards and gift sets.

2. Home Decor
I love One Kings Lane. Here is their "about us" info:
"At One Kings Lane, we believe that living (and giving) well is more than just a fantasy. That’s why we bring the world's best designer décor and home essentials, entertaining and travel needs, fantastic gift selections and more to our members – at up to 70% off retail. As passionate fellow design enthusiasts, we see nothing glamorous or elegant about overspending on home décor. We work directly with the top brands you love to bring you a curated, inspirational selection - at truly sensational prices."

Almost every day I get an email about great sales on designer home decor items. I love browsing through, purchasing fabulous things and also getting ideas on what to look out for around different shops around me.

I love this Jaye's Zebra Black Ottoman Tray Black/White. Retails for $149, OKL price is $59. And, purchase all from the comforts of your own home! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

12.5 weeks :)

So, I'm chuggin along like Thomas and I'm almost in the second trimester. I have nothing to really look forward to, maybe more energy and less tiredness, but I haven't been sick or anything and the second trimester is normally what ill moms-to-be pray quickly approaches. However, I am very glad to reach another milestone!

We have an appointment coming up on Wednesday. I will be 13 weeks. We'll get to finally hear the heartbeat. I can't wait! I think that is why March seems to be dragging on. So, here is what Sugar Booger is up to this week.

Our baby is the size of a plum! Little plumette or Little plumer (hehe) is just working on getting bigger this week mostly. As we approach the second trimester the baby is moving into the growth and maturation stage. We are now departing the critical development stage.

Like I said, I've been feeling wonderful and the only change is that I can't button my pants any longer. the hair rubberband has been keeping my pants up but I think it's time to go ahead and buy a pair of mat pants and jeans. Might as well let it all hang out! :)

Until next time,

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok, one more thing and chime in with your own thoughts and suggestions but we have decided on names for Sugar...

Girl: Anna Kathryn Kallemyn
First, this was originally the name my parents were going to name me. However, my dad, being from the south, has a little accent, and pronounced Kathryn, "Kathern." My mom was not fond of the way he said Kathryn so they changed it to HOLLY. They were going to call my by the full name, Anna Kathryn, but we are just going to call Baby, Anna.
Second, my mom's middle name is Kathryn, Blake's mom's name is Kathy and his paternal grandmother's name is Kathryn. So, Anna Kathryn will have a lot of wonderful women who "gave" her a name.
Finally, I have loved this name for forever. I also love the "name game" and I've thrown it out there every time we play but Blake never really loved it. But, one day Blake was sitting on the couch, looked at me and said, "I like Anna Kathryn. So, there you have it, we have our girl name. :)

Boy: Miller Blake Kallemyn
We could not decide on a boy name for anything. I had TONS of girl name ideas but a boy name seemed to be SO much harder to find a name we liked. This is one we saw in the baby book, has no "real" meaning or special person we know named Miller but we had both kind of forgotten about it until my parents came over for my mom's birthday and we were flipping through the baby name book. They aren't thrilled with it but I just love it. Tonight I told Blake, "Hey, I really like Miller." and he smiled and said, "I do too. I like it a lot actually." So, i think there you have it. We have a boy name.

Here are some other names that were on our "top list"
Brooklyn Paige "Brooke" - We both liked Brooke a lot and Blake's middle name, if he were to have been a girl, was going to be Paige
Allison Kathryn "Kate" - my middle name is Allison and of course the reasons above for Kathryn
Allison Parker "Parker" - my middle name and we just liked Parker

Harrison Blake - this is a VERY close second to Miller.
William Blake - My great grandfather's name was WIlliam and Blake's grandpa's name was William

Now, we just have to find out what's in my belly! :)

Until next time,

11 weeks and growing!

So, I meant to blog yesterday but I doubt you were sitting on pins and needles waiting for my blog post. :) Yesterday marked my 11th week of pregnancy. Here's what is happening this week:

Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, is now almost fully formed. Her hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under her gums, and some of her bones are beginning to harden. She's already busy kicking and stretching, and her tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as her body grows and becomes more developed and functional. You won't feel your baby's acrobatics for another month or two -- nor will you notice the hiccupping that may be happening now that her diaphragm is forming.

It's simply amazing at the little "things" Snootfruiter starts to grow or begin new each week. I wish I could have a 24 hour little sonogram attached to me so I could watch this most amazing time. Next week will mark that I'm entering into my 2nd trimester and during that time, until the half way mark of 20 weeks, Sugar Booger will increase it's weight by 30%!

I am still feeling really well. Normally I'm "done" by 8 or 9 and I fall asleep on the couch but I wake up by 11 to go potty. I don't really notice the urge to go to the bathroom a lot during the day but at night it is very annoying. I wake up between 3 and 5 to go to the bathroom again. I used to be able to sleep all night and on weekends I could sleep in until 9 or 10 and be perfectly fine. NO WAY nowadays! I can't sleep in any more because I have to pee. Haha. Pretty funny stuff. But, I know I'll be sacraficing MUCH more sleep once Sugar Booger is here so complaining about having to wake up twice a night to potty I should not!!

So, we are also two weeks away from our next doctor's appointment as well. Can't wait for that either! The last two weeks have gone by so slowly. It seems like forever ago we went to our last appointment! But, it'll be here soon enough.

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surprise! It's a (Insert sex here)

So, we aren't finding out the sex of the baby until it's born. I am getting a little bit more and more excited about being surprised. At first I just thought the idea was ok but Blake has been the one who really wants to be surprised. I was initially "worried" about the planning for the baby and how hard it would be without knowing the sex but people did it for AGES and our baby will be a boy or a girl it's entire life. There'll be plenty of rooms to decorate and clothes to buy throughout our little girl or boy's life. So, I get it. I see why Blake is so excited. Both and he and I want to hear from the doctor, "Congratulations!! It's a (insert sex here)" and I know Blake is really looking forward to running out into the waiting room and telling the family what sex the new addition is. I will have to have somone video tape it because I want to see everyone's reactions...I'll be in the room.

However, I came up with another idea and this one really might get us killed, haha! (Our families really want us to find out but of course are supportive of our decisoin) But, what if we had them all come into the room after the baby was born and all wrapped up in it's little receiving blanket and we had everyone look at Baby K and guess if it was a boy or girl, then told them. Hahahhahaa. I think it's a funny idea but at that point, after making them wait 9 months, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't play along with our little "game" and they'd just unwrap the baby and find out for themselves.

So, we probably won't do that but I just thought it was kind of funny and random that I thought of it. Trust me mom, dad, Kathy, family members...you'll find out very soon! :)

Until next time,
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