Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Funny: Mood Swings

Today I texted Blake to ask him what he wanted drink and snack wise for our camping trip this weekend. He didn't respond before I went to the store so I was sure to pick up his junkiest favs: cracker sticks with fake cheese packets (B loves those), pb crackers, star crunches, blackcherry and grape sodas, and smore ingredients. He texted later in the day and I told him everything I got and inlcuded a :) in the text and this is how the rest of the texts un-folded:
B: "You're the greatest."
H: "It's because I love you. Because you're worth it. :)"
B: "I'm saving this text."
H: "Why?"
B: "Oh, just savoring the happy mood swing."
H: "LOL. Great."

After chuckling for a few seconds I asked myself, "Have my mood swings been all that bad?!" Honestly, I really don't think so and knowing Blake and his sense of humor I know he was just poking fun at me but I have to admit, the last three months have been more of an emotional roller coaster than normal. However, it makes for some funny stories though.

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