Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I feel, know, dream, think, need...

I am...not looking forward to going back to work after being off last Friday, Monday, Tuesday and today.

I think...I am wanting to find out the sex of this baby. But, daddy's wishes on this one. He gives me so much and wants so badly to be surprised on delivery day.

I getting ready for bed.

I dream...About having more time for everything I want to get done, including lazy, nap time. :)

I want...One extra bedroom in our home.

I know...I am loved and it is such a wonderful feeling.

I hate...traffic.

I smell...Gucci Flora. I just moved a dresser into our room from the guest room and haven't been feeling up to smelling anything strong lately but wanted to spritz the curtain in our room. I can still smell it. Smells good.

I hear...The television and Blake talking to one of his friends

I fear...That I won't be able to handle motherhood.

I search...for the perfect sleep position every night. I toss and turn all night thinking my other side will be more comfortable, but find it's not as comfortable as the position I was in.

I who is far away. I wish my brother and his family and my sister and her family were closer.

I always...well, 99.9% of the time have buyer's remorse. Even if it's something I really needed like laundry detergent or face wash. Haha. Not sure why. I think it's my indicisive nature.

I crave...spaghetti. I could eat it lunch and dinner.

I remember... All the fun we had growing up on Lost Creek in San Antonio. Football, swim team, playing doctor, radio dj's, teacher, and even realtor. We had very active imaginations.

I need...get to bed.

I forget...Even while complaining how slowly time goes by when I'm waiting for a big event or day the time still passes by so quickly and the big event or day is gone so quickly. I need to learn to enjoy every second of the waiting.

I feel...happy to get to spend time with my sister and her family who are in town visiting but sad that I cancelled the last two days of my PTO.
I can...make a  really good homemade apple pie and my husband greatly appreciates it.

I can't...stop worrying most of the time. I'm a worrier. I need to not be a worrier.

I am happy...when I think of our future as a family of 3

I sing...karaoke and I love it!

I listen...not so well. :) I'm always thinking and need to work on stopping my brain and truely hearing what people are saying.

I eat...crap. Gotta work on eating heathier.

I love...Blake. He's such a good man. Brings balance and joy to my life.

I shop...too much. Gotta work on saving more, spending less. Seems I gotta work on a lot!

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