Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok, one more thing and chime in with your own thoughts and suggestions but we have decided on names for Sugar...

Girl: Anna Kathryn Kallemyn
First, this was originally the name my parents were going to name me. However, my dad, being from the south, has a little accent, and pronounced Kathryn, "Kathern." My mom was not fond of the way he said Kathryn so they changed it to HOLLY. They were going to call my by the full name, Anna Kathryn, but we are just going to call Baby, Anna.
Second, my mom's middle name is Kathryn, Blake's mom's name is Kathy and his paternal grandmother's name is Kathryn. So, Anna Kathryn will have a lot of wonderful women who "gave" her a name.
Finally, I have loved this name for forever. I also love the "name game" and I've thrown it out there every time we play but Blake never really loved it. But, one day Blake was sitting on the couch, looked at me and said, "I like Anna Kathryn. So, there you have it, we have our girl name. :)

Boy: Miller Blake Kallemyn
We could not decide on a boy name for anything. I had TONS of girl name ideas but a boy name seemed to be SO much harder to find a name we liked. This is one we saw in the baby book, has no "real" meaning or special person we know named Miller but we had both kind of forgotten about it until my parents came over for my mom's birthday and we were flipping through the baby name book. They aren't thrilled with it but I just love it. Tonight I told Blake, "Hey, I really like Miller." and he smiled and said, "I do too. I like it a lot actually." So, i think there you have it. We have a boy name.

Here are some other names that were on our "top list"
Brooklyn Paige "Brooke" - We both liked Brooke a lot and Blake's middle name, if he were to have been a girl, was going to be Paige
Allison Kathryn "Kate" - my middle name is Allison and of course the reasons above for Kathryn
Allison Parker "Parker" - my middle name and we just liked Parker

Harrison Blake - this is a VERY close second to Miller.
William Blake - My great grandfather's name was WIlliam and Blake's grandpa's name was William

Now, we just have to find out what's in my belly! :)

Until next time,

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