Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surprise! It's a (Insert sex here)

So, we aren't finding out the sex of the baby until it's born. I am getting a little bit more and more excited about being surprised. At first I just thought the idea was ok but Blake has been the one who really wants to be surprised. I was initially "worried" about the planning for the baby and how hard it would be without knowing the sex but people did it for AGES and our baby will be a boy or a girl it's entire life. There'll be plenty of rooms to decorate and clothes to buy throughout our little girl or boy's life. So, I get it. I see why Blake is so excited. Both and he and I want to hear from the doctor, "Congratulations!! It's a (insert sex here)" and I know Blake is really looking forward to running out into the waiting room and telling the family what sex the new addition is. I will have to have somone video tape it because I want to see everyone's reactions...I'll be in the room.

However, I came up with another idea and this one really might get us killed, haha! (Our families really want us to find out but of course are supportive of our decisoin) But, what if we had them all come into the room after the baby was born and all wrapped up in it's little receiving blanket and we had everyone look at Baby K and guess if it was a boy or girl, then told them. Hahahhahaa. I think it's a funny idea but at that point, after making them wait 9 months, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't play along with our little "game" and they'd just unwrap the baby and find out for themselves.

So, we probably won't do that but I just thought it was kind of funny and random that I thought of it. Trust me mom, dad, Kathy, family members...you'll find out very soon! :)

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