Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nightly Funny

Blake and I were discussing the baby's room the other night and he just doesn't quite understand the mind of a woman who likes to decorate and have everything just so. I explained to him the theme, which has to be gender neutral since we aren't finding out. I explained to him that we have to have something in there before the baby comes because I am not going to want to be decorating and taking care of a new baby the first few weeks we have her/him home. I'm going to want to be spending time with our precious baby and fighting over "hold time" with grandparents, friends and family. :)

So, the funny part. Blake was asking why I was doing and planning this and that and that he thought the bird theme is too feminine, in case we do have a boy. I just want a cute little BABY nursery. I think birds are pretty neutral and the baby isn't going to remember. I will have the child's entire life to do pink or blue or flowers or trains or whatever the theme is that I fancy. That is one of the most annoying questions I get when people find out we are waiting and going to be surprised, "OMG! How are you going to decorate the room?!?!?!" Like it's the only chance I'll get. Psshh! Do they not know me? I can change the room 15 times a year if I want.

So, the funny part. For real this time. So, Blake isn't happy with the bird theme in case it's a boy. He said, "No! It needs to be a MAN'S room. Bikini model posters, beer fridge, neon signs. A MAN ROOM!" Hahaha. Of course he is joking but it was so funny. I can just imagine him and our little boy coming home with Angie Everheart (Blake's first model "crush" haha!!) posters and hanging them above the headboard. Men. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

19 weeks

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Fruit/Object: baby is the size of a mango
Size: 10 1/2 inches head to tow. Baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces.
1 cup of liquid weighs 8 ounces. So, the next time you're cooking and lift a cup of liquid think, "wow, this is how much Baby K weighs." :)
Baby changes: Baby's become amazingly mobile (compared to you, at least), passing the hours yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing. :) Baby can now hear what's going on outside the womb. Sounds are muffled but in a couple weeks baby will be able to hear word for word.

My uterus is now the size of a cantaloupe.

Best Moment this past week: First of all I think on Firday I felt the first "big" kick or punch. Movement is getting more and more "feel-able." It is great. I remember sitting when she was pregnant with each of her foud girls and feeling her babies move. It was so amazing. She always said, "just's the greatest feeling ever." And, of course she is right. I'm just ready for more consistent movement but I've still got a few weeks and the baby is still growing of course.
We went to Ft. Worth for my niece's birthday and it was so much fun. Also, so great to see family and the girls. This weekend we are going to London, Texas to Blake's mom and Wiley's new property. It is supposed to be hot this weekend but it'll be nice to be outside and to see their new property.

Food Craving: Same as last week: crap...sweets, salty foods, junk! This baby is either going to have a MAJOR sweet tooth (like momma) or really, really, really hate sweets. However, I'm just not hungry ever really. Nothing really ever sounds that great and lunch time is always me, in my car, driving around wondering what the heck sounds good. I normally end up at Souper Salad a few times a week. Salad with peas, boiled eggs, tomatoes, pickled okra, red beans and cottage cheese instead of dressing. Does that only sound good to me? Try it, it's good. Promise. Plus, the potato bar and of course ice cream at the end makes it all the better. :)

What I miss: Hmm...I'm still in search for the perfect undies. I miss my old underclothes. However, the maternity pants are fabulous and I don't think i'll ever go back to regular jeans if it is at all possible. :) So comfy!

Sleep: Still up nightly once or twice emptying my times at the Kallemyn Casa!

What I am looking forward to: Finding the perfect pair of underware...didn't we already discuss this?? :)

Symptoms: Nothing. This trimester I'm supposed to be plagued with leg cramps. Haven't had any so far in the past 8 weeks and I hope they don't start. Week 19 pregnancy symptoms include: Hearty Appetite (CHECK!! I'm always hungry and snack all day), Constipation (Nope, I'm ok), Occassional faintness or dizziness (None), Possible nasal congestion (I have year-around allergies so I don't think this is pregnancy induced, especially since I'm not taking my allergy meds), Lower Abdominal aches (slightly, sometimes). So, all in all I'm still feeling great and don't have that many symptoms. I think a lot (not all) of pregnancy symptoms are in people's heads so again, maybe I have these symptoms but I'm not "looking for them" or just don't notice. Is that normal??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brinley's 1st Birthday

Brinley Grace, my youngest neice celebrated her 1st birthday party in style, thanks to her fabulous momma! She had such a fun party! Laura loves to plan parties and does a fabulous job. I've been talking to her about the party for months. Listening to her ideas and going to the party was so exciting because I wanted to see everything put together...and it was fabulous! Here are some pictures. I'm sad because my camera died and I only got a few pictures. I know Laura got pictures with multiple cameras and multiple photographers so I'll be excited to see the whole party in photos!

"What do you mean I can't eat the centerpiece, mom? C'mon!! They are m&m's!!" - Brinley Grace

Mouth full of the centerpiece goodies...and a handful for back-up! :)

Still eating the m&m's

of course like every 1 year old Brin loved the wrapping and tissue paper much more than the gifts inside! It was fun watching her open gifts!

The party was a lot of fun and it was great to see family too. Laura had the party at Chris' grandpa "Boogs" houses in Aledo, Texas. Most everyone except for us and them are in the Ft. Worth area so it worked out perfect since the entire family could be there to celebrate.

After most everyone left we stayed behind with Chris' parents and sister and cooked out burgers and enjoyed sitting around talking and laughing. It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

18 Week Update

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Fruit/Object: baby is the size of a sweet potato
Size: 10 inches head to toe. It's the first time legs are straight enough to be indcluded in the measurement. Normally, the measurements are crown to rump length. But, baby is growing! :) The ultrasound tech said baby was probably about 6.5 inches long crown to rump length. The baby weighs about 6 to 7 ounces.

Chicken breast weighs about 6 to 7 ounces!

Baby changes: Baby's become amazingly mobile (compared to you, at least), passing the hours yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing. :) Baby can now hear what's going on outside the womb. Sounds are muffled but in a couple weeks baby will be able to hear word for word.

Best Moment this week: I will reflect on last week since it's only Tuesday but last week was so exciting because we had our "half-way" done with pregnancy ultrasound. I love seeing the baby!

Food Craving: crap...sweets, salty foods, junk! :( I do think about fruit and salads sometimes. :)

What I miss: Let's see...I miss my underware staying in place and not rolling down my stomach. I miss sleeping through the night without having to pee a couple times. :) But, despite those things I love being pregnant!

Sleep: Ugh. Well, last night I slept really good. The best sleep in a while but normally it's interrupted by the urge to empty my bladder.

What I am looking forward to: This weekend we are going to Ft. Worth for my youngest neice's first birthday party. I can't wait to see family!

Symptoms: Nothing. I read the emails and books telling me what I should be feeling and don't really get the symptoms until a week or so later. I think it's so funny that the second someone gets pregnant they have ALL these symptoms. Maybe I'm just refusing to notice some symptoms for fear I'll seem like "one of those girls" who go all out with their pregnant symptoms. Maybe, I'm just lucky and pregnancy agrees with me. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

17 Week Sonogram

We had our appointment today and it was so fun because it was the "real" sonogram. Below are the pictures we got. After we were done and the sonogram tech was making her notes I asked if she saw what we were having, if she knew. She said she had seen it, multiple times. so, it's knd of frustrating that I couldn't see whatever it is that she saw and that someone knows besides us!

Baby K is measuring a few days larger than our due date...just 4 days. I am 17 weeks and 4 days along but the sonogram says 18 weeks 1 day. But, regardless our little snootfruirter is looking perfect!

It looks like the hand pioking out from behind the face profile is "kissy" lips.

I loved the little feet!

Heartbeat was 146/minute. The last two visits the heartrate was 150. According to my old wives tale study anything over 140 is a girl...we will see come September!

Looking right at us. This is kind of creepy to me...anyone else?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's revisit names...

Everyone who knows me knows I'm pretty indicisive. Blake isn't. However, coming up with a child's name is tough! I'll fall in love with one name to find out that Blake can't stand it. Blake will tell me a name and I'll think it's the worst ever or I'll konw someone with that name and think, "my child will not be named that!"

So, if you go back to a post back in Feb. or March you'll see our names. The boy names are still Harrison Blake or Miller Blake. Originally we were "set" on Miller but these past few weeks I've decided we cannot decide on a name until we see the baby. So, if we have a boy we will have to meet him and spend some time with him for a few hours, maybe just a few seconds, before I can give him the name Miller or Harrison.

Also, with Anna Kathryn we were "set" but the name we've had picked out for years is Allison Parker. Remember I said I loved the name game...we've been playing almost since the first date we went on. Yes, I'm that obsessed with the "name game." Anyway, that's always been our little girl's name until the one night Blake said he liked Anna Kathryn. Also, she'd go by her middle name, Parker, like her daddy goes by his middle name. And, her first name would be mommy's middle name, Allison. So, again. We will have to meet our daughter first before we can name her.

Plus, the exciting part, and I'm not trying to get ahead of ourselves here, but we would like to kids, hopefully a boy and a girl but nothing is guaranteed. If we have two girls we can use the name we didn't use the first time. So, both of the names we love can be used. A little Anna and Allison. Or, if we have two boys we can use the name we didn't use the first time. A little Miller and Harrison. :)

So, for now nothing is set in stone...we'll see what we get and get to know them before we give them their name. What is your vote??

17 weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Fruit/Object: baby is the size of a Beanie Baby...remember those? :)

Size: Baby is 5 to 5 1/2 inches long and weighs in at 5.9 ounces. Baby gained some weight since last week!

A standard hockey puck weighs 6 ounces

Baby changes: Fat begins to form during this week and the weeks that follow. Also called, adipose tissue, fat is important to the body's heat production and metabolism.Your baby's fingernails are well formed as well as tiny finger prints. Baby's skeleton is changing from rubbery cartilage to bone.

Best Moment this week: Well, this Friday we have another appointment. It's our first "real" ultrasound. We've already had three but this one will be with a tech. It could be the time we find out what we are having but unless Little Miss or Mr is sprawled out to where any ole person can tell what we are having we are going to wait. :)

Food Craving: Nothing really

What I miss: Nothing, I'm good

Sleep: I'm doing ok. I don't think I've ever slept through the night and I'm definetly not sleeping through the night.

What I am looking forward to: This week I am looking forward to our doctor's appointment this Friday.

Symptoms: Not sure if it's allergies or something to do with pregnancy but I'm getting pretty bad headaches. I've always had neck pain but it seems to be getting worse. Hopefully this too shall pass! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby's First Easter Basket

For Baby K's first Easter MawMaw, Blake's mom, brought over Baby's first Easter Basket! She of course will love boy or girl, no matter what we have, but she loves to tease that "we need a boy!" :) So, the basket was filled with a basketball and sports trading cards, candy and plastic eggs with fun messages.

Baby K's first Easter basket

This egg says, "Pac-Ette." It's Kathy's nick-name for Baby K. When we saw the heartbeat for the first time my doctor paused the sonogram and told me to look for a little Pac-Man mouth opening and closing and that was the heart beating. Sure enough I saw the Pac-Man mouth opening and closing...the precious heart beat. So, Kathy lovingly calls Baby K Pac-Ette. :)

This egg, as you can see is half pink and half blue and says, "Identity Crisis." We have been getting harassed by 99.9% of our family members for not wanting to find out the sex of the baby. Of course it's all in fun. We love poking fun at one another and what would family be without little jabs? :) And this one made me laugh!!

This one is hilarious and Blake and I both cracked up for a long time. It says, "Daddy don't want to know anything about that egg's I.D." Since Blake is "the desire" behind the sex surpise until delivery day, this is a little poke at him. :) It still makes me laugh.

So, the rest of Easter weekend was fun. On Saturday we went to Blake's brother and sister-in-law's house to celebrate his neice Trinity's 2nd birthday. It was fun to visit with everyone and see Trinity fall in love with her gifts. Sunday we went to church and then went to Kathy and Wiley's house for lunch and watch the kids hunt Easter eggs. It was a very relaxing, fun weekend!

Monday, April 5, 2010

16 weeks

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Fruit/Object: "Pregnancy Week by Week" doesn't have a fruit or object this week but...on, it says that the baby is the size of an avacado. I'm not sure how it can go from a softball to an avacado but...we'll go with it. :)

Size: Baby is 4.3 to 4.6 inches long and Baby weights 2.8 ounces.

This cell phone is 4.5 inches long

Baby changes:
     Fine lanugo hair cover's baby's head. The umbilical cord is attached to the abdomen; this attachment has moved lower on the body of the fetus. Fingernails are well formed. At this stage the legs are now getting longer than the arms, and the arms and legs are moving. You can see the movement during an ultrasound exam. (We already saw this at the 6 week appointment. Snootfruiter was moving around like CRAZY! We have an active little one on our hands!)
     You may also be able to feel your baby move at this point in your pregnancy. Many women describe feelings of movement as a "gas bubble" or "fluttering." Often, it's something you have noticed for a few days or more, but you didn't realize what you were feeling.
     Six weeks ago your uterus weighed about 5 ounces. Today, it weighs about 8 1/2 ounces. The amount of amniotic fluid around the baby is also increasing. There is now about 7 1/2 ounces of fluid. You can easily feel your uterus about 3 inches below your belly button.

This is a baby in utero, not ours ;), at 16 weeks

Best Moment this week: My laptop crashed so I am using a desktop that I don't have my photo stuff downloaded too but once I get my laptop back from the repair shop I have to upload photos of Kathy, Blake's mom, Easter basket she got for the baby. It was a cute and funny, I'll post that later this week. Hopefully my laptop will be fixed and ready to be picked up tomorrow. Yay!

Also, we celebrated Blake's neice's 2nd Birthday on Saturday and then on Sunday we went to church and then went to his mom's house and watched the kids hunt Easter eggs. It was a good weekend. Just wish weekends lasted longer!

Food Craving: Carbs. Always. I don't know if I have "real" pregnancy cravings because I've always loved pasta and carbs. Oh, at about 8 or 9 weeks I couldn't eat chicken. Didn't even want to look at anything with chicken. But, that quickly passed because I'm eating chicken again with no ill feelings. It's wasn't you, Chicken, it was me. ;) I'm not sure what the turning point was but we were out at a restaurant and Blake ordered some asian egg rolls that had chicken and I wanted to take a bite. So, I'm glad that's over!

What I miss: My normal clothes and not feeling so blah. I guess I'm at that stage where I am not looking fully pregnant yet but I can't suck in my stomach anymore so I'm not feeling too pretty at the moment. I know once I'm full on huge I'll wish I was back at this stage but I just don't feel so hot lately.

Sleep: Weird dreams keep coming. I dreamt we had a freakishly long child. Long arms and legs and torso. Tiny newborn baby head, hands and feet. It was odd and scary!

What I am looking forward to: Again, I'm ready to meet this baby! I want to skip past the hot, hot, hot summer and be home with Baby. I keep telling myself we need to enjoy this time. This is teh last time it'll be the two of us. Makes my head spin but we are about to be a family of three. No more sleeping in on the weekends. No more picking up and heading out to wherever our hearts desire. So, each time I get anxious about time moving by too slowly I try and remind myself to enjoy every peaceful, quiet second.

Symptoms: None
Until Next time,
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