Friday, April 16, 2010

17 Week Sonogram

We had our appointment today and it was so fun because it was the "real" sonogram. Below are the pictures we got. After we were done and the sonogram tech was making her notes I asked if she saw what we were having, if she knew. She said she had seen it, multiple times. so, it's knd of frustrating that I couldn't see whatever it is that she saw and that someone knows besides us!

Baby K is measuring a few days larger than our due date...just 4 days. I am 17 weeks and 4 days along but the sonogram says 18 weeks 1 day. But, regardless our little snootfruirter is looking perfect!

It looks like the hand pioking out from behind the face profile is "kissy" lips.

I loved the little feet!

Heartbeat was 146/minute. The last two visits the heartrate was 150. According to my old wives tale study anything over 140 is a girl...we will see come September!

Looking right at us. This is kind of creepy to me...anyone else?


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