Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby's First Easter Basket

For Baby K's first Easter MawMaw, Blake's mom, brought over Baby's first Easter Basket! She of course will love boy or girl, no matter what we have, but she loves to tease that "we need a boy!" :) So, the basket was filled with a basketball and sports trading cards, candy and plastic eggs with fun messages.

Baby K's first Easter basket

This egg says, "Pac-Ette." It's Kathy's nick-name for Baby K. When we saw the heartbeat for the first time my doctor paused the sonogram and told me to look for a little Pac-Man mouth opening and closing and that was the heart beating. Sure enough I saw the Pac-Man mouth opening and closing...the precious heart beat. So, Kathy lovingly calls Baby K Pac-Ette. :)

This egg, as you can see is half pink and half blue and says, "Identity Crisis." We have been getting harassed by 99.9% of our family members for not wanting to find out the sex of the baby. Of course it's all in fun. We love poking fun at one another and what would family be without little jabs? :) And this one made me laugh!!

This one is hilarious and Blake and I both cracked up for a long time. It says, "Daddy don't want to know anything about that egg's I.D." Since Blake is "the desire" behind the sex surpise until delivery day, this is a little poke at him. :) It still makes me laugh.

So, the rest of Easter weekend was fun. On Saturday we went to Blake's brother and sister-in-law's house to celebrate his neice Trinity's 2nd birthday. It was fun to visit with everyone and see Trinity fall in love with her gifts. Sunday we went to church and then went to Kathy and Wiley's house for lunch and watch the kids hunt Easter eggs. It was a very relaxing, fun weekend!

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N for Fila said...

that's hilarious...your kid made out better than i did on easter and he's not even born yet...what

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