Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's revisit names...

Everyone who knows me knows I'm pretty indicisive. Blake isn't. However, coming up with a child's name is tough! I'll fall in love with one name to find out that Blake can't stand it. Blake will tell me a name and I'll think it's the worst ever or I'll konw someone with that name and think, "my child will not be named that!"

So, if you go back to a post back in Feb. or March you'll see our names. The boy names are still Harrison Blake or Miller Blake. Originally we were "set" on Miller but these past few weeks I've decided we cannot decide on a name until we see the baby. So, if we have a boy we will have to meet him and spend some time with him for a few hours, maybe just a few seconds, before I can give him the name Miller or Harrison.

Also, with Anna Kathryn we were "set" but the name we've had picked out for years is Allison Parker. Remember I said I loved the name game...we've been playing almost since the first date we went on. Yes, I'm that obsessed with the "name game." Anyway, that's always been our little girl's name until the one night Blake said he liked Anna Kathryn. Also, she'd go by her middle name, Parker, like her daddy goes by his middle name. And, her first name would be mommy's middle name, Allison. So, again. We will have to meet our daughter first before we can name her.

Plus, the exciting part, and I'm not trying to get ahead of ourselves here, but we would like to kids, hopefully a boy and a girl but nothing is guaranteed. If we have two girls we can use the name we didn't use the first time. So, both of the names we love can be used. A little Anna and Allison. Or, if we have two boys we can use the name we didn't use the first time. A little Miller and Harrison. :)

So, for now nothing is set in stone...we'll see what we get and get to know them before we give them their name. What is your vote??


Unknown said...

I know I'm rather partial - but I think Anna Kathryn is THE perfect name for the Kallemyn baby. It sounds more dignified, sweeter, and overall just a better choice.
(Can you tell I'm just wanting this name because it will be named after her Mimi and her MawMaw both???) I will love this baby even if you name it Prunella Thudpucker.

Unknown said...

Prunella Thudpucker is only reserved for times when Baby K is whiny and being a "brat." But, we all know my child will NEVER be whiny or bratty, right?? ;)

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