Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nightly Funny

Blake and I were discussing the baby's room the other night and he just doesn't quite understand the mind of a woman who likes to decorate and have everything just so. I explained to him the theme, which has to be gender neutral since we aren't finding out. I explained to him that we have to have something in there before the baby comes because I am not going to want to be decorating and taking care of a new baby the first few weeks we have her/him home. I'm going to want to be spending time with our precious baby and fighting over "hold time" with grandparents, friends and family. :)

So, the funny part. Blake was asking why I was doing and planning this and that and that he thought the bird theme is too feminine, in case we do have a boy. I just want a cute little BABY nursery. I think birds are pretty neutral and the baby isn't going to remember. I will have the child's entire life to do pink or blue or flowers or trains or whatever the theme is that I fancy. That is one of the most annoying questions I get when people find out we are waiting and going to be surprised, "OMG! How are you going to decorate the room?!?!?!" Like it's the only chance I'll get. Psshh! Do they not know me? I can change the room 15 times a year if I want.

So, the funny part. For real this time. So, Blake isn't happy with the bird theme in case it's a boy. He said, "No! It needs to be a MAN'S room. Bikini model posters, beer fridge, neon signs. A MAN ROOM!" Hahaha. Of course he is joking but it was so funny. I can just imagine him and our little boy coming home with Angie Everheart (Blake's first model "crush" haha!!) posters and hanging them above the headboard. Men. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. ;)

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