Monday, May 10, 2010

21 weeks

How Far Along: 21 weeks – 2 weeks left of my 5 month

Fruit/Object: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe! (Still the same little melon as last week)

Size: Baby weighs in at approximately 11-12 ounces and is 11 – 12 inches long. - Baby is growing more so I can feel the baby more and more every day. The tiny kicks and punches are getting stronger!! :)

By the end of the week baby will tip the scales at nearly a pound!

Baby changes: By the end of this week baby will tip the scales at nearly a pound. Not too shabby for someone who barely weighed an ounce 10 weeks ago! Part of her growth spurt is likely because her stomach is now equipped to start absorbing nutrients from the amniotic flud she’s swallowing in there. If you eat a banana, baby can taste the banana, if you have a yummy slice of watermelon baby also enjoys the watermelon through the amniotic fluid it is digesting. (How cool is that?!)

Baby’s hearing is becoming more and more fine-tuned. In addition to making out your heartbeat, stomach rumblings, pulsing blood vessels, and your voice resonating inside the uterus, she can hear sounds and convos coming from the world outside of mama. (Blake and I love talking to the baby and we know s/he can hear because if there’s ever a loud sound from the television or if someone sneezes the baby jumps!)

This is a photo of a fetus at 5 months! Tiny fingers and tiny nose!

Best Moment this past week: We are told it is too soon but we think Blake felt Baby K. Baby is very active between 9 and 10 (and this weekend s/he stayed up until 11:30!!) so one night I was laying in bed watching tv and I asked Blake to come see if he could feel the baby. He had his hand on my tummy and at the same time when I felt Baby move I said, “did you feel that?” and Blake said, “was that it?” It was very faint but I can’t wait for him to really feel a good kick. Baby is definitely becoming more active, even since the beginning of the week!

Food Craving: I am always hungry. Still only eating small portions but more frequently. This week I am not sure where it came from but I got a hankerin’ for peanut brittle and I had to have it. Blake stopped at got me some on his way home. It was gooooood! :)


What I miss: Nothing…

Sleep: Still pretty much the same…up once or twice a night to relieve my bladder.

What I am looking forward to: This Friday we have a doctor’s appointment. I’m curious to see how much weight I’ve gained. I have lost weight up until now but my belly is growing steadily so I’m sure I’ll see the scale move in the opposite direction.

Symptoms: My back is hurting more and more. They say the hormone relaxin is released and it causes the ligaments and muscles to relax and cause more achiness. Since I always pretty much have back and neck pain I’m not really looking forward to more. But, it is worth it!

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