Monday, May 24, 2010

23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Fruit/Object: It's about the size of a small baby doll.
I'm thinking it's the size of those tiny dolls from the Dollar Store...those little babies that are filled with tiny foam balls. You know the ones??

Size: Baby weighs in at a little over a pound. From head to toe is 11.5 to 12.5 inches long.

Baby weighs as much as a large carton of strawberries!

Baby changes: Your little doll-sized babe is about to chub up a bit. His saggy skin will start to fit his frame as fat deposits fill things out. Beginning this week, he'll start to pack on the pounds. Right now, your baby's organs and bones are visible through his skin, which has a red hue due to developing veins and arteries beneath. But once those fat deposits settle in, he'll become less transparent.

Also, something I read that I find SO funny is this week is the week Baby sprouts nipples! Who knew?!

Best Moment this past week: Baby is moving more and more and I am really enjoying it for now...until the tiny kicks and punches get really fierce and hurt!

Food Craving: Nothing is still  sounding great right now. I guess from the beginning I've loved spaghetti...but I always have...but that always hits the spot. Must be the carbs.


What I miss: Nothing…
Sleep: Waking up to relieve my bladder earlier now. So, almost up two times per night around 1:30 and then again around 5:45...15 minutes before my alarm goes off. I know when I wake up I only have 15 more minutes to snuggle up in bed and it makes me need to go to the bathroom even more. Dang it!
What I am looking forward to: This weekend is Memorial Day so we get Monday off! Yay! And, Friday I am working from home so that'll be four days of NO TRAFFIC. Woo-hoo!

Symptoms: I'm definetly experiencing some of the not so fun pregnancy side effects this week but I'll spare you the details. For the most part I'm feeling great and feeling really blessed that I've had such a great pregnancy. Yay!

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