Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daddy Felt Baby!!

This baby is so active tonight! I have been feeling the baby from the outside, when I put my hand on my belly for a couple weeks now and I've been feeling flutters grow into little kicks and punches for about a month or so. But, each time I try and get Blake to feel it s/he stops! Of course...that's how it always works right?

Well, tonight I called Blake in the room (I'm curled up in bed watching tv...baby's favorite time to move about) and Blake gave me the look like, "here we try again..." but when he put his hand on my belly but this time he felt it!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I love feeling this baby move about all day and wanted nothing more than for Blake to feel it.

A few weeks ago we thought he had felt it because he had his hand on my belly and the second I felt the baby move we both at the same time looked at each other excitedly and said, "did you feel that?!" But, we were both still sort of unsure. "Did you really feel it?" I asked. "yeah, I think so but it was so light I'm not sure." But with baby getting bigger and stronger this time was for real, for real. :) No questioning, "was that it?" So, either way I'm so excited and happy that Daddy got to feel his baby. We can't wait for her/him to be here!!!

The tiny feet that are kicking about...

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