Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh Deer!

My parents are in Tucson visiting my brother and his family so I am in charge of the dogs while they are gone. This morning I drove down the hill from our house to their house and when I got close to the driveway I saw a little brown blob curcled up at the end of the driveway. "Oh no!! A dead baby deer!" I thought. I quickly got out of my car and cautiously approached the tiny baby fawn. She lifted her head and I was so glad she was ok.

Finding baby deer in my parents yard is quite common. Apparently they have a good yard for birthing. The mom's have their babies then leave to go find food and rest so they can come back full of energy to take care of their baby. I was just worried that it was so close to the street. My parents street is a cul-de-sac and isn't busy with cars, at all really, but I wanted to get it into the yard, and maybe some shade since the mom probably wouldn't be back for hours and it was getting hot. Slowly the fawn woke up and then on it's wobbly legs stood up. At that point it started weaving in and out of my legs like a cat would do. It thought I was it's mom. It was nuzzling and looking for food. For which I obviously didn't have. Poor "Dot."

I started telling Dot to follow me, trying to get it her into the grassy yard and shade but under my car it went. It is a tiny little fawn but she is tall. Somehow she managed to wriggle her way and get comfy. At this point I'm thinking, "Great. I have to leave at some point and I'm going to back up and the fawn is going to lift it's head and I'm going to kill a baby deer."
So, I got in my car and put it in neutral and slowly rolled forward. I went far enough to where I thought the fawn would be out from under the car and then there went Dot, back under the car. "Geez!" I thought. But, this time she went further to the side of the car and finally came out into the grass and went and curled up by a tree. 

So, with that I could finally go check on my parents animals. When I came back out Dot was still there, curled up by the tree. She's so sweet. I wish I could've kept her but I know babies grow into adults and adults just aren't as cute and fun as I left Dot there. 

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