Monday, June 21, 2010

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 weeks. I am in the last week of the second trimester. Sunday marked 3 exact months until my due date. It's gonna fly by!

Fruit/Object: Eggplant

Size: 15 inches, more than a foot long, and triple what it was a 12 weeks and just over 2 pounds.

Baby changes: Baby has been hearing sounds from outside the womb for a while now but it can recognize mom and dad's own voice now. If someone presses their ear against your belly they might be able to hear the heartbeat. Blake’s tried this and he can’t hear anything. We do have a stethoscope and you can hear the baby moving around but we can’t hear the heartbeat. You have to find the baby’s back and put the stethoscope on the part of the tummy where baby’s back is. How am I supposed to know where and how the baby is laying??

Also, while reading up on baby this week I realize that I think I've felt the baby have hiccups! I thought that were light kicks but What To Expect was saying baby's hiccups feel like belly spasms. That's probably what those "really light kicks" were. Hehe.

Best Moment this past week: We got the nursery pretty much done! (Nursery Blog Post) and also on Monday we got to see the baby at my 26 week follow up ultrasound. (26 Week Blog Post) It was also Father’s Day weekend and Blake was celebrated my his mom, me and my parents. It was a sweet weekend.

Food Craving: Food. Anything but chicken breast sounds pretty good. I’m still needing to eat every hour or so…something small, snack like, or I feel nauseous.

Speaking of weight gain news, I am back to my pre-pregnancy starting weight. I lost 10 pounds from the first trimester to 18 weeks but at my last two appointments, in the last 6 weeks, I gained back the 10 pounds!! Ack. I just pray that the next 13 weeks I slowly gain and I don't all of a sudden just blow up. That scares me. Now, I have been weighing every morning to check my progress. Haha.

I took this last week - 26 weeks along. Doctor says I'm measuring perfectly with my due date.

What I miss: Sleeping through the night. With having to go to the bathroom twice a night and waking up at 4:30 am, tossing and turning until my alarm goes off at 6 (this happens two or so times a week) I’m pretty ready to get some good sleep. From what I am told this lack of sleep doesn’t end when baby arrives. LOL! :)

Sleep: Yup, see above

What I am looking forward to: I have more pregnant friends than I know what to do with!! I have already found out what two of them are having and I am looking forward to finding out what the others are having as well! It’s always fun waiting for that phone call/text to see what I need to buy for their little one.

Also, I’m looking forward to the really long July 4th weekend I will have. Thursday I have a doctor’s appointment that I am not looking forward to but Friday through Monday I am off and I’m looking forward to relaxing before the rest of July, August and September arrive…those are going to be VERY busy months. The next few weeks will be filled with family and friends and I can't wait to see everyone!

Symptoms: My hips have been hurting and of course my back. When hasn’t my back hurt? I also have carpal tunnel syndrom now. My right hand and upper arm are numb contstatly. Doctor said it's normal with pregnancy because of the water retention and swelling. And, boy am I swelling. I've been told by many that the first trimester is when you are sick and tired (Luckily, I wasn't sick, just tired) the second trimester is when you're full of energy and happy, and the third trimester is when you're back to being tired and miserable. I think I'm for sure feeling some of the not so fun side-effects of the third, "miserable," trimester.

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