Saturday, June 19, 2010


I got the itch this week to fix up the baby's nursery. Yes, we still have three months but I guess the nesting feeling doesn't wait. My sweet sister has a precious one year old so she had a lot of baby stuff that Brinley has just started out-growing and she offered to bring it down when they came in March for their spring break visit. So, there have been boxes and trash bag covered baby items in the guest room since then and I've just had enough of looking at the clutter!

Since we don't know if we should dec the room out in pink or blue I decided to do a "spa baby room" using neutral colors of cream and brown and blue. I wanted to create a serene environment and keep it gender neutral. Then I thought a cute idea would be to incorporate a bird theme with it. A little bird nursery. And, we live on Blue Jay Court, and Blake calls the baby "Birdie" so I thought it was appropriate. I already had a bird cage that we used at the wedding for guests to drop cards in and from there I found little bird houses to hang on the wall, bird paintings and prints and I'm still on the hunt for something to hang over the crib...

The swing was Brinley's that my sister gave to us to use. It'll "live" in the corner, or living room probably, but it was feelin' photogenic at the time.

Here's the other side of the room...the crib. Look how many blankets Baby already has. Four are mine from when I was a baby and the other's have been sweet gifts from Blake's Aunt and Mom and my Granny.

We've had the crib set up since May (we don't waste time around here!) but I've been looking for a dresser that matched for a while. The baby's room is small and the dresser that was in the set with crib was too big for the room and where I wanted to put it. So, I finally found one and we went and picked it up this morning. It's from Target but it's real wood, except for the drawer bottoms and back of the dresser, but it's heavy and sturdy and I think for the price we got a good deal that we can use for years. Also, for not being apart of the matching nursery set I think it matches the crib really well.

Daddy putting together the dresser

Look! He's all smiles. He wasn't really smiling about having to put the dresser together...Haha!! I made some joke and just happened to click at the right time!! ;) He is the best and I appreciate him very much for all his help with "the man" things.

So, we got the crib up, got the dresser up, and I was able to unpack the boxes of clothes my sister also brought us. We don't know what we are having but if Baby K is a girl WE ARE SET!! At least for the first 3 months. A lot of the clothes still have tags because Brinley got them as gifts but the seasons were off with the sizes and she never got to wear them.

This is the "gender neutral" drawer. :) A few gowns and some burp rags

The "girl drawer."  We don't have a boy drawer! Haha. If Baby is a boy he'll be sportin' some pink the first few days until we can get to the store.

More girl clothes in the closet...check out the precious, tiny tutu's hanging to the left. Awwwwww....

So, basically the rest of the room is complete. I have a few more projects to complete. I bought a solid wood twin headboard from a garage sale for ONLY $5 (Yay!) but I am going to cover it with fabric. That is tomorrow's project. I also want to make/buy a comfy seat cushion for the bay window in the corner. The only thing still "cluttering" the room is the cradle but that'll get put in our room when we get really close to the arrival date. So, here are the rest of the pictures of the room so far.

   The yellow and white bunny/cat/thing was mine from when I was a baby. I saw the dachshund at some gift shop and HAD to get it so Baby will always be with a dachshund either at home or away. :)

I am needing something to hang on the wall for above the crib. I bought a wall vinyl (see picture of below) thinking it would be large enough to put over the crib but it was too small and looked silly...

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."
-Robert Munsch, from the book "Love You Forever"
And, of coruse the bird cage to go along with the bird theme. I also need to re-pot the baby english ivy in a prettier pot. Another project...

The bed for those "all-night-parent-duty" nights. The little bird houses to go with the bird nursery theme. The bay window is at the foot of the bed on the wall with the bird houses and I need to find or sew a cushion for the window seat. You can see a tiny bit of the cradle at the end of the bed...filled with more baby stuff from my sister. Thanks Laura!

Tomorrow's project is the headboard. I'll post finished photos later. :)

Once we get the changing pad we'll use the top of the dresser as a changer. I hung this little bird print I had so Baby can have something to look at while getting his/her hiney cleaned. :)

Behind the door in the corner I kept a shelf that was already in the room for the tv/vcr/dvd for when Baby is old enough to watch Barney, or whatever kids are watching now days, and to house baby books. We've got to find a new home for the lamp, printer and paper shreader.

Now that the room is pretty much complete I love walking in there even more. I can't wait to have this baby to put in there! :) I'm excited to keep filling it with more and more baby stuff! I know we'll put it all to good use. What is that old saying, "Who knew something so small could use so much stuff?!"

Tonight we went to dinner for Father's Day with Blake's mom and step-dad Wiley.
Kathy gave this to Blake and it's named "New Dad." He loves it and it's very sweet.

While going through the boxes I came across a lot of clothes I wore as a baby. I can't wait to put my own baby in some of the things. My mom also kept all my bedding and nursery decorations. I'll get pictures of those later. It was very 80's. A rainbow wall hanging and yellow and white checkered bedding.

These were my little booties I wore when I was a baby.

A sweet little sweater and bonnet that I wore as a baby. It'll be getting chilly when baby is going to be big enough to wear it...perfect!

This is the dress I came home from the hospital in.


The Deans said...

Oh my goodness! That was the exact "neutral" bedding I was going to pick before we were going to find out what Hudson was! I loved the "quilted" look...and it went well with chocolate brown...or anything else! We have good taste :)

Unknown said...

I fell in love with it when I saw it and it eally is the only all cream baby bedding I found anywhere. I love it though.

The room is pretty much cream and brown, kind of "vanilla" so far, but I figure once we have a little girl or little boy we can throw in the pink or blue since both go with brown.

I'm just ready to get this little baby out in the world with us! :)

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