Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pregnancy Pet Peeves

I have 5 little pet peeves that I've come across since finding out and sharing with family and friends that I am pregnant. Please know I am not totally serious about these, most have made me laugh actually, I just thought I'd share and re-read when I find out friends are I don't repeat these. :)

1. Please don’t touch a pregnant lady’s belly unless you know her and know her well. My husband, parents, in-laws, siblings and close friends are more than welcome to rub-a-dub on my fat stomach as much as they’d like. This is “their baby” as well. I just think if you see someone at work that you see only in passing you should keep your hands off of her belly. It’s uncomfortable. If I weren’t pregnant I guarantee you that you wouldn’t even say hello to me let alone touch my stomach.

If you don't know me, please don't touch me. Thank you!

2. When someone calls to tell you that they are expecting, even if it is a total surprise, don’t say, “WHAT?!” and hang up on them. Yes, that actually happened to me by a “friend.” When they called back the person said, “Well, I’m happy for you, I’m just jealous.” Don’t say that either. :) Fortunately, I wasn’t expecting a great reaction from this person anyway so all is not lost. I have found that some people in your life will be beyond ecstatic for you and some people just can't be happy for anyone or anything that is happening to someone else. This comes to every aspect of life and you really do have to just brush the chip off your shoulder and work on being happy for those around you as well.


3. Don’t tell horror stories. I may or may not have my own but just let me see on my own if I do. I don’t need to be worried for months and months of what is to come. I like to be educated and know what is coming but not ALL the gory details.

"Ok, you're really starting to freak me out..."

4. Keep your personal pregnancy preferences to yourself. If you had a 100% caffeine, drug, sandwich, stress, dust, and allergen free pregnancy I’m very happy for you. Please be happy for me as I sip on my 1 cup of coffee a week. I have a wonderful doctor who’s been an OB for over 25 years and I trust her and she thankfully trusts me to make the right decisions for me and my child. I like being trusted and that she knows I have a brain and can think for myself and would not do anything to put my child in danger.

NO crazy advice please!

5. Please don’t be afraid to give advice just remember that hundreds of other people are bombarding a pregnant lady with their advice so if she doesn’t take it don’t be offended. She has her doctors, parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and strangers telling their own stories and she’s busy trying to mentally file it all with “Good idea,” “Eh. We might try that,” or “Oh no she didn’t just say that…don’t ever repeat to another pregnant lady,” and “Totally ignore what that person just said.” Hahaha! Fortunately, I have had more advice that has been filed in the "Good idea" mental file folder than any of the others and for that I am thankful!

My mental file folder

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