Sunday, August 8, 2010

34 weeks

How Far Along: 34 weeks and 4 days :)

Fruit/Object: Honeydew Melon

Size: 20 inches and 5 or so pounds. I’m feeling like it’s about 8 at this point. :)

Baby changes: From What to Expect: “What's new this week? Your baby is clocking in at five pounds and could be as tall as 20 inches by now, and the vernix (the white coating protecting your baby’s skin) is getting thicker. This week, a boy's testicles start making their way down from his abdomen to their final destination: his scrotum (look out below!). In other baby-related developments, those tiny fingernails have probably reached the tips of his fingers by now — and getting ready for that first postpartum manicure.”

Best Moment this past week: This Saturday we had Jennifer’s baby shower. It was so nice and a lot of fun! She got some great things for Miss Elizabeth. Our friend’s Annie and Courtney brought their kiddos Kamryn and Hudson and it was so weird to think, “that’s going to be our kids SO soon!!”

Food Craving: Nothing in particular
What I miss: Sleep, breathing through my nose, having ankles and being able to wear shoes other than flip flops and I miss being able to wear my wedding ring. But, it'll all be worth it!

Sleep: Last night I slept from midnight until 6 am. This hasn’t happened in a really long time!! It was so nice.

What I am looking forward to: This upcoming Friday is my 35 week appointment. I’m going to be going every week now to check on my blood pressure and how the baby is doing. Also, this Saturday is our baby class at the hospital. We are going with Jennifer and Cayman so it should be fun to have our friends there to share it with. Can’t wait to see the babies in the nursery while we tour the hospital.

Symptoms: I’m feeling (and, honestly looking huge) and I’m still swelling and having high blood pressure. But, prayers are being answered in that it has never been over the 140/90 mark. Just always right below the mark. Other than feeling huge, I’m doing great! :)

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