Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Step in the Right Direction

Look at me go! Two posts in two days. :) But, I have to document what happened last night because Anna made us so happy and proud...as if Anna couldn't make us any happier than her just being here! Little Miss Anna ATE HER ENTIRE FEEDING with me and Blake!! Woooooooo-hoooooooo!!!

Since Anna was a little premature and still had some growing to do in my belly that she didn't get a chance to do she has been having some eating issues. She just isn't interested. She starts with her bottle feeding but zonks out about 5 to 10 cc's into it and they have to give her the remaining 30 or 35 cc's through her feeding tube. It makes sense because she was four weeks early and the last four weeks in mommy's belly she'd be sleeping, taking in nourishment from me so she can gain weight for birth. Everything else is mostly 99% done at that point except for the weight gain. It is just difficult for us because she's out here, being loved, but she can't come home until she starts to eat on her own.

She starts off wide awake and alert, rooting around and ready for food but then she is over it and wants to go back to sleep. With her bottle feedings Anna also does a little better when the nurses feed her. When Blake or I try we aren't as successful, so that's been hard as well. Well, last night she ate HER ENTIRE FEEDING with me and Blake!! She's never done this, not even with the nurses. Blake and I were grinning ear to ear! For having to still leave our baby at the hospital, we left the happiest we've ever left.

I have been pumping and so most of her feedings are breast milk but I haven't actually breastfed in a few days because I was thinking it was making her work harder and tire out quicker. I want to make sure she eats as much as she can from the bottle so we can start the process to coming home. However, the nurse last night was really pushy about me breastfeeding first and then finishing up with the bottle. I was nervous but she did fine, and amazingly stayed awake, and so after about 5 minutes we gave her the bottle and she still stayed awake. Eating away. I had to stop after a while to burp her and this also makes me nervous because this is normally when she isn't interested any longer. If she is actively eating I hate taking the bottle away because once I try and get it back in she purses her lips and she is done. But, after she burped so started rooting around again looking for her bottle. It was amazing. This happened a couple of times and before we knew Anna had finished her entire feeding!

We laughed all the way home at how dorky we are for being so excited over a child eating. But, it is very, very, very exciting! Maybe, just maybe, this is "the click" that the nurses have been talking about that would happen. "Something will just click and she'll start eating!!" I am wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' that that was "the click!"

Sweet Miss Anna.
She's the only bow head in NICU! :)


jennifer said...

Anna is beautiful!! So glad she is making steps to be able to come home soon!

The Deans said...

Yay for eating!! Go, Anna!

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