Monday, February 28, 2011

Crazy Mom - Anna's Birthday plans in progress

It's true. I've been planning Anna's first birthday party since the day she was born and we found out our baby was a girl! I know. I'm crazy. No, I think every mom does I'm sure. But, I'm so excited and there's only 6 more months! ;) I am NOT rushing it because the past 6 months have gone by so fast but I've already got the theme and everything! I am not into characters and all that really so i thought a simple "Country" pink and yellow party would fit Ms. Anna perfectly.

My grandma kept EVERTHING. I'm talking everything like even garbage bag ties. Seriously. She grew up in the depression and I guess she figured if the world when to pot she'd be bringing the garbage bag ties to the party. Along with 50 year old Tupperware, fabric, clothes pins, EVERYTHING needed to sew an entire wardwrobe for everyone within a 500 mile radius, ash trays, hotel tolietries, etc... I'm talking EVERYTHING people. But, one thing she loved to do was can veggies from their garden. So, needless to say she has plenty of Mason Jars. So, while cleaning out her house I requested a few boxes of them and I'm going to clean 'em all up and tie pink and yellow gingham fabric bows around the jars to serve the yellow and pink lemonade! :) Yay! Thanks Granny!

We'll probably have the party between naptime and bedtime so we will have cake and lemonade and finger type foods. No big meal. My friend Kristin, a culinary school grad, is making Anna's cake and we are still working on ideas for Anna's perfect cake. I also plan on having a candy bar with apothcary jars filled with all sorts of yellow and pink candy for the guests to fill and take home a cellophane bag with cute monogramed "AKK" (Anna's monogram) stickers. I plan on getting pink and yellow jelly beans, lemon drops, yellow gummy bears, pink gummy bears if there is pink (I think there's only red, no?), strawberry and lemon starbursts, etc... and fill the jars.

I'm also on the hunt for those cheap plastic wading pools for kids. I want a pink one and a yellow one (Of course) and I'm going to float yellow flowers in the pink pool and pink flowers in the yellow pool (still deciding the perfect flowers to float)

here are a few of my inspiration photos from various places around the web and let's hope it comes out as cute!

I love the hanging tag on the candy jar. I plan on making/getting those :)

candy bar

I want to cover an A in pink and yellow flowers. I can't decide if I want to just do an A or her monogram or just AK

LOVE this idea. the lady got a children's book and instead of a guest book everyone wrote a sweet message to the birthday girl. Anna LOVES books and this is something she can read and also look back on for many years from her birthday. I think this is the coolest tradtion and we'll be doing this! :) I'll have to find a special book for her. Not Cinderella. ;) I'm sure many more people will be copying this idea but it's such a good one!!!

Flowers in mason jars. GOT plenty of those!! ;)

Pink and yellow goodies on white cake plates

More candy bar jars

Candy bar...

So, I've tracked down a lot of good vendors and suppliers on the WWW through and other sites and now it's just tracking down a cute candy shop for the candy bar and many trips to Hobby Lobby for goodies! I love this stuff and I'm so glad I had a girl! ;) Oh, and I'm not real sure where I found all these. I dont' know if you get sent to "jail" or something but for all of these pictures I google'd "Pink and Yellow Birthday Party" so, none of these are mine....go google that and you'll find these pictures. Sorry, I'm terrible at siting but I'm not claiming these as my own. :)

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