Friday, February 25, 2011

Tour de Texas

I've always gotten antsy around the weekends if we don't have something planned to do. Believe me, I looooove my down time and having nothing to do, but there's so much going on around us and whenever I ask Blake to go with me he is not into it. Not at all. Unless, there's beer. Ha! Just kidding. Anyway, I like things like wine tastings and home and garden shows and antique shopping and walking around the square at market days and scoping and trying out new restaurants and pubs. But, Blake doesn't like these things. Not at all. Unless, there's beer. ;) (Again, kidding...sort of)

But, since we've had Anna I really hate just sitting at the house and having Anna waste her little life away. I love taking her to new places and seeing her face in awe of what is around her. The sights and sounds and colors mesmerize her. I love watching her grow and learn. So, it's been nice since she's been out here in the world with us that blake is more excited to get out and do stuff. We tried going to the rodeo, and Blake was willing, but it was impossible to get in so we ended up going to la cantera and shoppng. yay!  love shopping too!

So, here's a list of things I'd like to do here in Boerne/San Antonio and the surround area over the next few months:
San Antonio Home and Garden Show - that's tomorrow. We plan on going.
Sea World - I think Anna will love it, even at this age, to see all the sea animals and times
Market Days - I love walking around the town square
Boerne Business Expo - just to walk around and see what new businesses and "things" there are in Boerne
Boardwalk on Bulverde - it's a food truck park on bulverde road with 7 gourtmet food trucks and free beer (they don't have thier liquor license yet...)
Zoo -
Witte - science and museum
Any park - fun, fun, fun

I know there is more that I am forgetting but...I have add and i'm done typing now. :)

Please let me know of some other cool places around. :)

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