Saturday, March 19, 2011

7 Months Old - TODAY!

This is amazing. It's Anna's 7 month old Birthday TODAY and I'm updating on her 7th (well, past month) of life. I'm on top of things.

Anna went to the doctor this past Wednesday and wieghed in at 14 lbs. 13 ounces. She added 5 ounces in three weeks. She's now in the 19th percentile for her age group. The doctor was happy with her growth since she's been sick and stuffy nosed which equals less food going in. But, she's doing fine. :) She is NOW SITTING unassisted. She can sit for a couple minutes before she either loses interest or gets off balance and topples over. But, one day she just started sitting and I was so excited. Then, really sad. I know these milestones are all so great and they get me excited but what the heck. Slow down. Kids really do grow and do things in an instant, right before your eyes. I do loves this age. It's so fun. She's talking so much, reaching and grabbing for everything, so interested in what's going on around her AND she's still interested in being held and snuggled and loved on. That's going to break my heart; when's she in the "Me do it!!" stage and doesn't "need" me anymore. But, I know I'll be thrilled all at the same time.

She has still been sick on and off and at the last doctor's appointment we started her on Zyrtec. He had also put her on antibiotics because she had a sinus infection. Her little eyes and nose seem to clear up over night and I was freaking ecstatic! But, about a week into the meds she started getting stuffy again and her eyes started watering again. This time it was all clear, no yellow snotty nose and no goopy eyes, just watery. So, when we went this past Wednesday he decided to move her to Singular allergy medication. For a week we are going to give her the Zyrtec in the AM and the Singular in the PM. However, she's starting to get stuffy again. So, I'm still thinking, "What the heck is wrong here?!" She's on TWO allergy meds. I love our doctor. He expalined allergies and said the Zyrtec helps with the hystamine blockers and the Singular blocks lucotriens. (Yeah, I'm not going to spell check that...) So, he said call next Wednesday and give him an update. I'm curious what he'll suggest since both together aren't working. She's also still needing her breathing treatmetns and he wants to continue until her 9 month well visit. Can it be considered "well visit" when she's never been well?! Ha. No, she is perfectly fine, just the allergies and still trying to recover and get her lungs back to 100% from the RSV, but it's still a tad frustrating that she has to deal with all this.

She's had a busy week. My sister and her family were in town and we did something with them every day pretty much. Took her first trip to SeaWorld and her first trip to Mi Tierra and the market downtown. They kept her one day and took her to the park and she loved the swing. I have been wanting to get her the Little Tykes swing so I went ahead and did since my sister sent me the most precious picture of her grinning so big in the swing. We went to Market Days and she fed the ducks. It was an enjoyable week. My family is THE BEST.

Anna enjoyed her first St. Patrick's Day and was sure to wear her GREEN!

Anna and her cousins Maddie, Kendall, Brinley and Emma at SeaWorld

My sister and her hubby and girls went to the park and Anna LOVED the swing! I was working and Laura sent me this picture. Made me light up to see her having so much fun with her family!


Anna and her Pop. She tried eating his shirt and he didn't mind a bit. :)

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