Monday, April 25, 2011

8 Month Happenings

I cannot believe Anna turned 8 months old on the 19th. Time is seriously on fast forward mode and sometimes I wish I had a pause button. She's growing and learning so much every day. She still loves books. We had to hunt down a lot of the foam bath time books because everything goes to her mouth and the board books were becoming a problem because well, they are hard and were hurting her mouth and she doesn't understand that by simply stopping the chomping it would solve the problem. Ugh, babies...they never understand. Ha. :)

Anna still isn't crawling. I get a few "OH REALLY?!" So-and-so was crawling at 6 months." And, some others who don't have a clue either way or choose not to speak up. But, she gets lots of tummy time, thrusts herself forward from the sitting position and she rocks back and forth on her hands and knees when she's on her belly. I personally am not trying to rush anything. I think the "normal" is between 8 and 10 months anyway so... I don't think crawling early or doing physical things early is a sign of mental aptitude and my doctor says it has nothing to do with smarts. When she crawls and walks is when she crawls and walks. She's having a blast scooting and getting into things in close proximity to her. She found her toy box which is a soft canvas box. She scoots to it, pulls down the side, chews on the side of the box for a while and then pulls out whatever draws her attention.

She does however have some well oiled and fully functional pipes. She hardly ever cries, even in the mornings when she wakes up, but she loves to scream. Well, it is more of a shrill, high-pitched "ahhhhhhhhhh!" But, it makes me smile and she's "talking" when she's not "ahhhhhhh'ing!" She says "dada" a lot but doesn't yet know that's what she's saying. She also says, "hiiiiiiiiii!" but, again she doesn't understand what that means. She likes to talk to herself in the car. We have a mirror on the back seat so we can see her from the rear-view and she talks and tells the "other baby" all about her day on the way home from daycare.

We don't go back to the doctor until next month for her 9 month appointment and will find out then her stats: height, weight, head circumference, etc... I am thinking she's at least about 17 pounds. I don't know but it sure is getting harder to stand around holding her in her carrier anymore. She is eating well. Loves all veggies and likes the meat dishes too. Ewww. But, I found some good stuff like turkey and sweet potatoes, beef and veggies and stuff like that. It doesn't smell near as bad as just the plain ol' meat. Ewww. She is also still sleeping through the night and wakes up super happy. She wakes us up "talking" to us through the monitor.

On the health front we just took her to the eye doctor today. Her eyes have been goopy since about 3 weeks old. We've tried the antibiotic drops a couple times and it would clear it up for a couple days. Our pedi put her on allergy meds but the blood work came back that she wasn't allergic to anything. He said that she is too young and hasn't built up enough immunity to show up on the results but I really think once we have the eye procedure it will clear her up and we will no longer need the meds. The eye and nose are all connected, as well as to the ears but she's never had ear problems. But, the procedure we are doing next Wednesday they will put a probe down her tear duct and squirt water through the duct and it should clear her right up. There is a fancy name for it but it's an obstruction and I pray that it goes smoothly and gives her relief. She doesn't know anything else but I can't wait to not have to clean her eyes constantly and can't wait for her to wake being able to open her eyes because they aren't glued shut. We are also still doing her breathing treatments 2 times per day until her 9 month check up and he gives us the ok to quit - or continue. The breathing meds she is using is a "healer" and heals any damage that was done by the RSV. It doesn't help her breath better, isn't like an asthma medicine, but it corrects and heals any damage so it doesn't turn into asthma down the road.

I CAN wait until her 9 month check up because I don't want time to zoom by but I also can't wait because I want to see how much she's grown since her 6 month visit. Also, this last weekend was Easter and I'm the worst mother ever. I didn't get one picture of her. We were out of town and I did bring her Easter basket but I left it in the car and on Sunday we got upand left early, didn't go to church, so she didn't even wear an Easter dress. I feel like I should've dressed her up anyway and taken some pictures but...oh, well. I did take one picture of her in the morning in her nannerjams (pajamas) but other than that none. Saturday afternoon we celebrated Anna's cousin Brinley's second birthday. It was a Jessie Birthday (From toy story - the little cowgirl) It was so cute and fun.

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