Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Anna is going in next Tuesday for an eye procedure to clear up her eyes. Since about 3 weeks old she's had "goopy" eyes and every doctor at the hospital and her pediatrician said she'll outgrow it and if at 6 or 7 months she hasn't then we can discuss seeing a specialist about getting the tear duct opened up to correct the problem. Well six months came, 7 months came and now at 8 months she is still experiencing it. We went yesterday to Children's Eye Center of S. Texas and saw Dr. McCash who was recommended by two people. I was very impressed with him and his staff and he immediatly said what we knew and that her tear ducts were blocked. He also checked her eyes and said she is near-sighted and has a stigmatism but that it's nothing that needs glasses or correction at this point and will correct itself as she grows.

So, she goes in next Tuesday and they will insert a tube in her tear duct and they squirt a saline solution throuh to open the duct. We have also on and off massaged her eyes by the tear duct to release some of the gunk but he showed us how we should actually be doing it and when he did a quarter size amount of thick yellow mucus gushed out. I have a strong stomach but that almost made me lose it. I think it is also why she has had so many re-current sinus infections and I don't believe she is actually allergic to anything; it's just because of this that makes her nose and eyes stuffy since the nose and eyes are all connected through this duct. When we took her to the allergist they did blood work and she came back allergic to nothing but the allergist and our pediatrician just said she was too young to have built up any immunities to allergens and for it to show up on the test. But, now that we saw Dr. McCash I really think all of her problems are because of this.

So, with all the good that will come from this I am still so scared for her. She's too young for them to do the anisthesia so they will have to put her on a papoose board when she is strapped down and then they put her head in a vice to keep her from moving it. Just thinking about it and typing it down make my stomach turn. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't want to have to put her through this. If this doesn't work then they do a balloon procedure and for that they put her under. My Thirty-One Director's daughter had the procedure and she said her daughter instantly was "fixed." I'm hopeful that this will work but I so don't want to put her through it. To just hand her to a stranger (even though she loves and will go to anyone) then turn away and let them strap her down and hear her screaming and know that is so scared. The doctor said that the procedure itself is only 1 to 2 minutes but you know she'll be strapped down for at least 5 minutes while he gets everything ready and all. I am just being overly dramatic but will this scar her for life? She's only 8 months; she won't possibly remember, right? Why is this happening to her? She is such a happy and content baby.  Why can't she just be well? All this over some clogged tear duct? I know this doctor performs these procedures every week and everything and other kids are fine and better but I am just really struggling with this. I'm asking for your prayers for mainly Anna and for Blake and me to be able to be strong for her.

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