Monday, May 9, 2011

Anna's Eye Procedure

Well, last Tuesday Anna had her eye procedure I was dreading. It wasn't as bad as I thought, which is great but it was still hard because boy could we hear her in the waiting room. Broke my heart. I was talking to my mom and heard a wail and I looked at her and said, "that's her." And, the tears started to roll. My mom squeezed my hand and we didn't hear anything else for a few seconds and then full on screams. Eeek. The nurse at the front desk must've run back there and she came back and said, "She's done! They're getting her ready to come to you." It was super fast thank goodness. They took her from me at 1:36 and we were getting in the car to leave by 1:44. That was after talking to the doctor about her eye drops and how everything went. He said he could feel the resistance in each duct that was blocking it but said he could feel it clear away.

She fell asleep on the way home and we got home, got her changed and fed and she played the rest of the day like nothing happened. So, I was a very happy mommy knowing she was good. Her eyes were still goopy that day but I thought that was about normal. The next morning I was so excited to jump out of bed and inspect her eyes; hoping there wouldn't be any goop. But, there was. Again, I was disapointed but I figured it was expected since there was so much goop in her tiny little ducts. By the third day she was perfect. When her eyes watered it was super clear and just wiped away. We are still doing the drops, through Wednesday so that is the next test in my mind because we've used the drops before and it somewhat cleared it up but once we stopped it came right back. So, we will say and I've been praying non-stop that this worked. She looks like a different baby to us. We haven't had to wipe her eyes constantly and there's no thick yellow goop in the corner of them constantly.

So, she's doing well and I would do it again tomorrow if she continues to not have any more eye problems!

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