Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

What a wonderful first mother's day! Last year I knew I was pregnant and loved spending time with our baby then but of course now that she's here nothing can beat it! She has brought so much joy and laughter and smiles to everyone in her little life. She is a super easy and happy baby. She loves to laugh but something has to be really funny. :) She loves to be scared. She jerks and her eyes get big and then she lets out a deeeeeep belly laugh and gives you a look like, "Do that again!" She just melts my heart every time she grins. You walk into the room and she looks at you and gets a huge smile on her face! I love it.

So, for Mother's Day we actually went to my parents Sunday morning for breakfast and that's where Anna was. She had spent the night so we could go to a wedding on Saturday. We woke up at 8 and my dad had breakfast ready for us and when we walked in she was sitting in the high chair watching Pop cook and she was banging her measuring spoons against the tray. She grinned so big when she saw us. It was a wonderful, wonderful way to start the day. After breakfast we got her dressed in her Sunday best and went and tried a new church. She did really well in Sunday School and the nursery workers loved her. One lady was holding her when we got there and she was shaking her hands and smiling at the babies rolling around on the floor.

We came home and got her fed and she got a good nap and then we went to Blake's grandmother's house where his mom and aunts were for lunch. She entertained everyone for a good hour at least. She showed them her crawling skills and rolling skills and of course she got "harrassed" by her PawPaw Wiley. :) He loves to "annoy" babies but can never get the best of Anna. She just grins really big at him and laughs. Her Grandma got on the floor and played with her and she was held by everyone. I am not sure just yet but I think she might have Blake's personality. It takes her a while to warm up but after a few minutes she opens up and plays and talks to everyone. She's so loved by everyone in her life and we are very blessed to have all of her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins to share her life with.

When we came home Blake fed her while I cleaned up a bit and she had fallen asleep so i quickly grabbed her up and took her into our bed for a nap. I thought it would be a short little cat nap like her typical naps but three hours later I was awoken by her tiny hands "hitting" my arms and face. She was ready to go and didn't go to bed until 9.

It was a great day!

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