Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another fun day!

12 days ago (Yes, I looked at the calendar...haha) Anna started standing by herself without holding onto anything. But, she just basically stands there and jabbers or looks around. But, today, while I was home with Anna she started clapping and twisting around (a song was playing on her activity able so she started "dancing") and she didn't fall on her hiney! Fun Times! It's so fun watching her do soemthing new and then watch her master it. With crawling it was the army crawl at first and then she was on her hands and knees "running" all over the house. With pulling up it took her a while at first but then she just started popping up so fast everywhere. Then, after she started pulling up and standing she eventually only needed to hold on with one hand. You get the picture and it's all how it's supposed to work it's just all so exciting.

Blake keeps asking when she's going to start walking. I know every baby is different and I too am excited, but also it makes me sad thinking she will really no longer be a baby, baby anymore. My sisters girls all started walking between 7 and 11 months and I see kiddos in her class who are older than her by a couple months walking everywhere. Part of me is glad she isn't walking, because like I said it keeps her a baby for a bit longer, but it is so exciting watching them learn and do something new. So, we will keep watching her and enjoying her grow!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I have to document this on here, and eventually get it in Anna's baby book, but as of this weekend when she stands up she lets go with both hands and stands there for a good while all by herself!! I didn't see it the first time, my mom did, but she did it about 5 times over the course of the weekend. She's learning something new and doing something different every day!! When we got home from our trip I was so excited to show Blake Anna's new "trick" but of course she didn't do it. :/ I'm sure she will sometime this week so daddy can see her new skill in action.

Also, tomorrow, Tuesday, will be her 11 month birthday!!! I can't believe it's only 1 more month before our baby turns 1!! Time flies. My advice for any new mom is don't "wish the time away." You know how you say, "Oh, I can't wait until he eats food." or "I can't wait until she holds her own bottle." or "I can't wait until she rolls over." etc... Enjoy every second because before you know it all those precious moments will have passed and before you know it they'll be walking out the front door heading off to college. Oh, geeze. I just can't bare to think of it... Enjoy every nano second you have and enjoy whatever they are doing at that moment. I've always been somewhat good at not rushing anything but Blake always said, "I can't wait until..." and I would get on to him :) and say, "Don't rush it!!!" Once she actually started doing something besides sleep all day we are both like, "What happened? Where did time go??" Although I've been planning Anna's first birthday party for well, about 11 months now :) I have shed quite a few tears thinking that it's almost here now. I know that day is going to be the most fun but I know I'm going to be a basket case.

The past week or two she's not been intereseted in having us hold her and drink her bottle while we snuggle and it was almost the end of me. She wants a sippy cup and to sit and play. I cried on and off for a couple of days thinking, "I'm never going to get that precious time back." She's going to want to play and grow and go do things and won't need me as much anymore. So, now for her nightly bottle instead of feeding her in the living room I take her to her room and snuggle with her with sweet music playing until she falls asleep in my arms. I just want to enjoy every single second of this before she starts being a terrible two year old and I want to send her to Mimi and Pop's all the time. LOL! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Dictator" Anna

Ok. We might be the only ones who think this is funny but since Anna was young enough to bang her hands, she was banging her hands. On table tops, on her legs, on our face, etc... So, tonight asbo fed her peas, carrots and green beans a pea got stuck on her upper lip and it kind of resembled hitlers mustache. And, when she started banging her hands the full dictator look was complete. I know this is "bad" humor, and we don't support in anyway what Hitler or any dictator stands for of course but this just made me laugh. Lol
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10.5 Month Update

Anna and her friends Elizabeth and Caleb on July 3rd

Well, I missed blogging on/around Anna's 10 month birthday but we are still in the middle of it so I better update. Since her 9 month update she was crawling but now she is super fast. We gotta keep a good eye on that little screwdriver. She was pulling up but now it's like second nature and if something is standing still she is using it to stand. If I am squating, cleaning up toys or picking up food she's chunked on the floor she's using me as a jungle gym. She is slowly "cruising" as they call it and reaching out with one hand holding onto whatever object that she's using as a base.

Anna's first snocone with her Mimi and Pop

She is eating solids and loves anything and everything. She is her parents daughter. :) Mostly, she's my daughter in that area. Blake can be picky about some things but I'll just about try and end up liking whatever I eat. She transitioned to the next room at daycare and the first day I sent her normal green beans and carrots and the teacher asked me with a surprised look on her face, "Oh, she eats real food?" I looked back at her with a "duh!"  look on my face. When I picked her up that afternoon the teacher reported that, "Miss Anna ate every carrot and green bean with nothing left and no morsel on the floor." That's our girl.

Anna Kate in her Mimi's wig. She looks so old with hair. My precious little bald baby girl. :)

I am trying to only give her veggies, fruits and some protein in the form of turkey or chicken sticks from Gerber  so she gets used to those good healthy fruits and veggies before the pastas and things. We've tried eggs, peas, lima beans, squash, etc... mostly canned veggies because they are super soft already but she has eaten everything we've put in front of her. At daycare they have a menu and I always assumed it was for the older kids but the teachers said that all the other kids are doing it, why not Anna? LOL! They didn't really say it like that but... So, I started circling some stuff on the calendar menu and finally just circled everything for each day except for milk, etc... that she can't have and every day they are happy to report she ate whatever they had that day and loved it. Lasagna, egg and sausage tacos, meatballs, hamburgers. Loves it. Of course they cut everything into tiny pieces and mash up the casseroles and things like that but I'm happy she hasn't revealed her picky side yet. The doctor said anything we can eat she can eat except for the "no-nos" like peanut butter, milk, etc...

Anna playing with the aligator piano at her Mimi and Pop's

I have a calendar on my desk at work that counts the days ahead (for loan payments etc...for my bank job) and her 1 year old birthday is 45 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot believe that she is so close to being a year old. How quickly time really does fly. It seems like forever ago I ran into our room to show Blake the positive pregnancy know, when he just rolled back over. LOL! He was so calm about it while I was freaking out saying, "Oh my gosh. oh my gosh. Oh my gosh." Just like when he surprised me when he popped the question. Almost 8 years ago we started dating and even my best dreams about our future together don't compare to what we are actually living. Anna completed us and we are so blessed she is in our lives. She makes us better people and I love parenting with Blake. He is so helpful and so good with Anna. She lights up when he walks in the door and hurries to see him. I love them. 

Anna and her cousin Brady

So, we have 14 days until her 11 month old "birthday" and then another 31 days after that until she is 12 months old. I can't wait until her first birthday. Her little pink and yellow country time tea party I've been planning since the second Dr. Vanover announced, "It's a GIRL!!" I have mostly everything ready and I just can't wait to use my Granny's old Mason Jars tied with pink and yellow gingham ribbon for the lemonade, and to hang tissue paper flowers, and pink and yellow gingham bunting everywhere. And, the little wading pools, one pink and one yellow, for the babies to splash in, and to see her beautiful cake that Kristin is making. Fun times. I am already throwing around ideas for her second birthday party. LOL!. But, if you know me, you know it's true. :) But, we still have 45 glorious days to spend with our little Nannerpots before the big day. Before the big day when she is no longer a baby...wahhhhhh!!! But, I can't wait to see what her future holds.

Miss Anna pulling all her books of the shelf so she can "read"
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