Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another fun day!

12 days ago (Yes, I looked at the calendar...haha) Anna started standing by herself without holding onto anything. But, she just basically stands there and jabbers or looks around. But, today, while I was home with Anna she started clapping and twisting around (a song was playing on her activity able so she started "dancing") and she didn't fall on her hiney! Fun Times! It's so fun watching her do soemthing new and then watch her master it. With crawling it was the army crawl at first and then she was on her hands and knees "running" all over the house. With pulling up it took her a while at first but then she just started popping up so fast everywhere. Then, after she started pulling up and standing she eventually only needed to hold on with one hand. You get the picture and it's all how it's supposed to work it's just all so exciting.

Blake keeps asking when she's going to start walking. I know every baby is different and I too am excited, but also it makes me sad thinking she will really no longer be a baby, baby anymore. My sisters girls all started walking between 7 and 11 months and I see kiddos in her class who are older than her by a couple months walking everywhere. Part of me is glad she isn't walking, because like I said it keeps her a baby for a bit longer, but it is so exciting watching them learn and do something new. So, we will keep watching her and enjoying her grow!!

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