Monday, July 18, 2011

I have to document this on here, and eventually get it in Anna's baby book, but as of this weekend when she stands up she lets go with both hands and stands there for a good while all by herself!! I didn't see it the first time, my mom did, but she did it about 5 times over the course of the weekend. She's learning something new and doing something different every day!! When we got home from our trip I was so excited to show Blake Anna's new "trick" but of course she didn't do it. :/ I'm sure she will sometime this week so daddy can see her new skill in action.

Also, tomorrow, Tuesday, will be her 11 month birthday!!! I can't believe it's only 1 more month before our baby turns 1!! Time flies. My advice for any new mom is don't "wish the time away." You know how you say, "Oh, I can't wait until he eats food." or "I can't wait until she holds her own bottle." or "I can't wait until she rolls over." etc... Enjoy every second because before you know it all those precious moments will have passed and before you know it they'll be walking out the front door heading off to college. Oh, geeze. I just can't bare to think of it... Enjoy every nano second you have and enjoy whatever they are doing at that moment. I've always been somewhat good at not rushing anything but Blake always said, "I can't wait until..." and I would get on to him :) and say, "Don't rush it!!!" Once she actually started doing something besides sleep all day we are both like, "What happened? Where did time go??" Although I've been planning Anna's first birthday party for well, about 11 months now :) I have shed quite a few tears thinking that it's almost here now. I know that day is going to be the most fun but I know I'm going to be a basket case.

The past week or two she's not been intereseted in having us hold her and drink her bottle while we snuggle and it was almost the end of me. She wants a sippy cup and to sit and play. I cried on and off for a couple of days thinking, "I'm never going to get that precious time back." She's going to want to play and grow and go do things and won't need me as much anymore. So, now for her nightly bottle instead of feeding her in the living room I take her to her room and snuggle with her with sweet music playing until she falls asleep in my arms. I just want to enjoy every single second of this before she starts being a terrible two year old and I want to send her to Mimi and Pop's all the time. LOL! :)

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