Monday, August 22, 2011

1 year check-up

We had Anna's one year well-check this morning and all went well. She's staying right around the 25th to 30th percentile for her age weighing in at 20 lbs 2 ounces, and she is 28 inches long. Her head circumference is written down but I forgot it but it's also right around the 25th percentile. So, she's all proportionate and all is well.

She got her vaccines and that didn't go over too well at all. She normally cries but then once we pick her up she calms down but she cried the whole time we got her re-dressed and all the way out to the car until we started going and had her spanish guitar turned on. :) She fell asleep on the way to daycare, which was right around morning nap time, so they fed her and put her to bed. I hate the shots. I wish that sometimes kiddos could really understand what was going on and that it is for their health and that we aren't trying to torture them.

She knows now that when we go to the doctor it doesn't mean good, happy things are about to happen. Poor baby has been in and out of the doctor's and hospitals too much in her first little life...NICU, every month well visits to check her weight gain, allergy doctors, blood tests, eye procedures, RSV hospital stay, etc...ugh. I hate it all. But, we have to go back at the end of September for her flu vaccine because they haven't received them for babies yet but if we can get her through the fall and winter without being sick it will be really awesome. A cold here and there is expected but the doctor really wants her lungs to stay clear since they are still recovering from the RSV. But, we have our trusty breathing treatment machine...let's just hope we don't have to use it. Twice daily for 5 months was long enough.

So, she's healthy and we talked about weaning from the bottle and introducing whole milk and all that fun growing up stuff. Our doctor said he cut formula cold turkey for his kids but I decided to start off a week of half and half and then slowly adding more milk and less formula over the next week. We already have one of her feedings from a sippy so now it's just the nap time and bed time bottle I'm worried about. He suggested giving her the milk in her sippy and if she HAS to have her bottle then brush her teeth like normal and fill the bottle with water and she'll slowly realize that it's the sippy that has the good stuff. We will see... Also, as we all know it's OK to let a baby cry and we don't give in to their cries just because they want something. Just because a kid wants candy and cries for it we don't give in and it's the same with this. Of course, making sure in this case, that she is getting her liquids and calorie and fat nutrition somehow but just not from the bottle. I hope this is an easy transition...time will tell.

I still can't believe she is one and she's growing so quickly. We were laughing because the paper they give you with each well visit said that they should be eating 1 to 2 tablespoons of food. WHAT?! Anna is eating WAY more than that. She eats anything put in front of her. There's yet to be anything we've tried that she doesn't devour. We got concerned and asked if we were feeding her too much and that we thought she was so chunky but he said her height to weight is perfect and once she really starts to walking her baby fat will melt away. Just as it should. But, that makes me sad too. I love, love, love me some chunky babies. Thin, wiry babies scare me to hold them. LOL! Where's the rolls to squeeze on and the fat rolls to kiss on?! Nah, I love all babies but our family produces some large babies. Then, once they start growing they become "normal" and those baby fat rolls go bye bye. It all happens too quickly!! Plus, with her preemie tiny self, we spent the first, at least 6 months, trying to get her to chunk up. I think we did well. :)

Looking forward to seeing her learn new things...walking, saying more words, learning all sorts of new things!! They grow way too quickly but it certainly is the most fun!

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