Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life Sucks. Sometimes.

Great. Anna has hand foot mouth virus. Bless her heart. Poor baby has not been feeling well since yesterday and her little tummy is hurting and she's running a fever and things just aren't going well for us!! Monday evening I came home to a toasty 98 degree house. No, not the boy band, the temperature. So, we've been at our parents and hopefully by Friday or Saturday we can get the new unit installed. I'm ready to be home. I can go home anytime but I'm ready to be home in the a/c. It's just been a wonderful week let me tell you! This past month has been rough...stomach viruses for Blake then me, Anna was sick earlier in the month, then I was off for a week but wore myself out then the a/c and now Anna has HFM. Praying for a better, happier, healthier September!

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