Sunday, August 21, 2011

One Little Candle, One Little Cake, One Little Year to Celebrate!

This will be a picture blog of Anna's First Birthday Celebration. BUT, we all had so much fun, I loved preparing and prepping and crafting and I was happy with how her party turned out. I'm so thankful for everyone who came and helped us celebrate Anna's little first year of life!

I made an August 2010 to July 2011 "Yearbook" for guests to sign and leave a little message to Anna instead of a regular guestbook. Most everyone left a sweet message to Anna and it'll be fun to look through over the years. I plan on doing this for all of her little parties. :)

"Write a Love Note to Anna - Choose any blank space on page you choose but please don't sign on Anna's little face." ;)

This is Anna's worst nightmare!!! Ha.

I got cute little stickers with Anna's picture to put on the bags for the candy bar. They say "Thank You!"

The candy bar....

Maddie Ann, my niece, helped me make the puffy fluffs and we stuffed them in the chandelier 

 I set out some photo books I made since Anna was born for people to look through and see how much she's grown and changed in the last year.

I used mostly all of my Granny's old Ball Mason Jars as lemonade and drinking glasses and as flower vases. I'm so sad she is no longer with us but thankful she was a pack-rat ;) and I could have something of hers there with us.

This is my niece Emma and my second cousin Luke. 3 weeks and 2 days old! He was the youngest party attender!

 Maddie Ann sewed this pillow case and made a "5 Reasons I Love Anna" card

Ok, I made a little party hat for Anna. She HATED it. It made for some funny pictures but...did I mention she hated it?! LOL!

I set up two little wading pools for the babies to splash and play and they had a great time!

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