Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christmas T Minus 94 Days Away

Christmas is only 94 days away and I have zerio shopping done. But, I know what I want to gett Anna. A little play kitchen. She'll be 18 months old in December and I think that it might be a little early ??? but, who cares. Last year I got her an upholstered recliner/rocker thing and she still isn't using it but it's super cute sitting by her play things. ;)

I love this one! I love all Kid Kraft products but this is my favorite.

And, I guess that's all I have. I don't really like the plastic ones I have found. I still have my kitchen I got for Christmas about 25-26 years ago. All teh grandkids STILL play with it. It is a Fisher Price and I still love it. :) Hopefully, Anna will get lots and lots of years of play with her little kitchen.

What are you planning on getting your kiddos for Christmas? And, anyone else in your life? All the other people in my life are still on a list with nothing beside their name...gotta get to shoppin'!

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