Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Sunday afternoon Mimi and I took a little one hour road trip with Miss Anna to Love Creek Orchards Pumpkin Patch in Medina. Anna had the most fun! We met one of her little people friends there, Caleb, and his parents Stephanie and Billy (our friends :))! At first they weren't really sure what to do when we sat them on a bale of hay in the middle of a mound of Cinderella Pumpkins. But, what a site it was to watch them soak in everything around them. We got some cute pictures of their puzzled faces because I was "yelling" at them, acting like a fool, so they'd look at the camera.

As the afternoon continued they got used to their new fall surroundings and wanted to touch, feel and play with all the pumpkins, hay and corn stalks that surrounded them. Can you imagine being a 2 foot tall little person seeing pumpkins for the first time? What is that semi-round bumpy thing? Anna wanted to pick some of them up but most weighed more than she did but she gave it her best effort and had fun practicing her punkin chunkin skills!

Anna wanted to play with them so badly that she didn't want to be pushed in her stroller. She wanted down to walk amoungst the orange, white, blue and grey pumpkins and warty gourds. She loved feeling the bumpy ones and had the most fun walking around. I'm so sad I didn't get a video of her but I got some good pictures of her and a lot of shots of her in awe of the pumpkins and cute people watching pictures where she's gazing off into the distance.

After some shots in the pumpkins we enjoyed the local fare and our favorite, Apple Ice Cream, from the Apple Store in Medina - they had a food booth out there. Medina is where we go camping at Koyote Ranch just a few more miles down the road from Love Creek. (I highly recommend! The best camping experience ever! Cabins, RV hookups, tent camping sites but the bathrooms are immaculate and have granite countertops, pool and a store/restaurant with live music most weekend nights...but, that's another blog) Anyway, we always stop at the Apple Store on the way back home and get some Apple Ice Cream and Apple Pie in a Jar and Cider Sauce. SO good with vanilla ice cream. Such cute gift stuff too! Oh, and they sell apple trees. They have an Anna Apple Tree! Our last camping exersion was back in May 2010. I was pregnant and didn't know what we were having at the time but if it was going to be a girl we knew we were naming her Anna. I so wish we would've picked it up. It doesn't produce fruit unless it's in the coastal valley of Texas but it flowers beautifully and just because it's named Anna I want it for our yard. Maybe on our next trip out there! And, Anna can actually help us plant it. Or, just watch us plant it. :)

Ok, back to the pumpkin patch...I'm definetly taking Anna back next year. She'll be 27 months and I know will have even more fun. There was a ton of stuff for little ones to do! There's a petting zoo, a pond with ducks swimming, a little hay maze, tractor rides, food booths, paint-your-own pumpkins and much more. I'd highly recommend it. I really wish we were going this weekend because it's supposed to be cool and one of her crotched little beanie hats would make for some precious pictures!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spend Some Time

The other day Blake and I were talking about how we love watching Anna grow and learn new things. It is so exciting just watching her take everything in and try it out for herself. We got to talking about our relationship with God and how the closest thing we can relate to our relationship with Him is the same as a parent/child one. Well, we all know that, that he is our Father, but Blake put it in a way that really made it clear for me. Just as we know Anna is going to grow taller and learn to walk and learn new words, God knows we are going to learn more about him by spending time with Him. Just like we spend as much possible time with Anna God wants to spend that same amount of time with us. Watching us learn and grow. This is something I personally need to work on; spending more time in His word and talking with Him. I love learning and growing with Blake and watching each of us grow in our relationship with Him.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home -

I love Pinterest. It's a wonderful way to waste a lot of time. But, gathering great ideas and want-to-dos for the future is so fun. My friend Jennifer turned me onto it. Thanks Jiffy! :)Pinning, re-pinning, liking and finding new things I have decided my style is well, eclectic. Maybe, from an HGTV quiz long ago, I'm "Transitional-Traditional" - a bit of old meets traditional and new but not modern. I know I get a lot of my style taste from my mom. She's pretty traditional but has tons of old family things and she's really a great decorator. She has a knack for it and I've always loved her taste.

Here's my style boards - For the home, Rooms I love, Color Inspiration and other boards are my style
At first glance I'm more traditional. I like warm hues - brown and tans, olive and sage greens, deep reds and darker woods. But, I love light airy spaces with a little charm. Nothing too up tight but for sure nothing too modern. I love shabby chic and antique - mainly family heirlooms that mean something to me and have a past that I know about. I love the old tupperware and pyrex that was once white but is now a slight cooked-brown and the cute designs on them now scratched off from my Granny. I like the old milk glass and painted rose china from my Lulu. I like the wooden corner shelf that I inherited from also from my Lulu. I love old things from family.

I like mixing metals like oil rubbed bronze or copper with pewter or touches of silver and gold together. I like adding a touch of seaside with conch shells collected from a beach trip my Papa took. When my aunt told me they were Papa's seashells I couldn't imagine him. On a beach. I have no doubt he was still wearing his wranglers, boots, sweat stained cowboy hat, and starched, plaid, long sleeve pearl snap even on the sandy shores of Texas in the hot humid summer. Just like he did year-round working cattle and hanging out on his farm or one of his many brothers farms. But, I digress. Back to the shells. Displayed in a bowl or glass hurricane with a candle in the middle. Of course the bowl is a traditional oval, deep bowl but with quirky contents that might not match the room exactly but adds a little touch of nature.

When I first started dating Blake and eventually moved into his batchelor pad I immedietly wanted to change everything. He really did like the walls all builder-white and he put stainless steel outlet covers on everything. A lot of his furniture was black and nothing was me. But, he really doesn't care and does like the darker, more traditional woods. He did pick out our bed. A dark wood sleigh bed. Very traditional. I was surprised but I liked it. I like that in our closet we have his child-hood dresser. Like I said, I like things that have a history.

I love oil on canvas paintings - very tradtional. Love crystal vases and bowls, again traditional. But, I like old distressed windows turned into a coat rack with little hangers attached. Something new out of something old. Shabby chic. I would love to live in a very old southern home like my Aunt Marilyn's house in Mississippi. The picture windows, formal dining, old kitchen with built in eating area, a den, dark wooden floors. But, I'd add a  few traditional touhes along with some quirky touches and "decorate" with my granny's old glass and tiny "dust collectors" like her spoon and ceramic thimble collection
I like exposed dark wood beams. I like the colors of Tuscany.  Deep yellows and olive greens, dark wood. I love huge old armoirs from the days homes didn't have closets but just square rooms. HUGE old beds with carvings in the wood. I love rugs too. they ground a space and pull everything together. I really just want to win the lotto and buy a moderate size home and decorate it JUST how I want. A good mix of new and old, nothing too contrived or collected - but things given or recieved that mean something and remind me of a person or place we've visited. Living in a memory but living now, creating new ones. Soooo super cheesy, but just how I like my surroundings. :)

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