Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Day 1 (Technically Day 3...)

I did the whole Facebook status "Thankful" posts the last couple of years but this year I need more room and I'm going to commit to blogging each day in November. It'll give me something to blog about, besides Anna (sometimes) and get me thinking about those important things in my life and hopefully make me have a deeper appreciation for those people and things in my laugh. But, I know, it's the 3rd of November already. However, one little thing I'm thankful for is that there is no deadline for things like this! So, I can pick it up now.

For the first three days in November I'm thankful for 1. My Husband Richard Blake 2. My daughter Anna Kathryn and 3. My mom and dad, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, brother and sister-in-law, and my in-laws and all of Blake's family. I'm thankful for my family.

Where would I be without them? My brother and sister go way back, like to the time I was born and me and my parents go back 9 months farther. Although my mom, after two years of dealing with my terrible brother (kidding) wasn't too excited to hear that she was going to be welcoming a new little bundle, she quickly changed her mind once she laid her baby blues on me! I was perfect they say. Attitude, sleep schedule and temperament; perfect baby.

Then, I turned three. All hell broke lose and I've been a terror since. :) But, those first three years I really got them wrapped around my finger and by the time I "broke lose" I already had them where I wanted them and they couldn't turn their backs on me then. And, they haven't. Ever. I've been disciplined and grounded (once, I think...should've been more) and I've been in arguments and disagreements with them but overall we've had a good life together. We love hard and fight hard but we're always there for each other 100% no matter what.

And, each of my siblings managed to wrangle in some good people to marry and for that I am thankful. AND, to top off wonderful siblings-in-law I'm lucky to have been blessed with 6 awesome nieces and nephews. They've brought me much, much joy starting with Kendall who is going to be 15 on December 6th. So, for the past 15 years I've been blessed over and over and over and over and over and over with precious little family members that I've spoiled and loved since I first found out they were joining our family.

Now, onto Blake. My love. He completes me and as far as I'm told I also complete him. But, I believe him. If you know Blake there's one thing he is no matter what and that's honest. Whether it sometimes hurts to hear or not he will be 100% honest with you. If i have an ugly, non-flattering outfit on, I will know it. :) But, the same goes if I look fabulous. I have no doubt that he thinks I look like the most beautiful thing on the planet because I know Blake isn't lying out of flattery. So, honesty is one thing I am thankful for in our relationship.

Also, the best compliment he's ever given me might not seem like one to anyone else but it's that he can stand me. I know, sounds terrible right? But, if you know Blake he can only be around people for a while before needing a little break. Previous girlfriends, family, friends; he's always been more of the loner type. So, when he said he knew he was meant to be with me because he can stand me I was like, "that's awesome!" After almost 8 years of being together that makes me feel good. :)

His honesty, his calm spirit, his humor, his laugh (he has the best laugh), the fact that he can be his 100% self around me and no one in his life has ever seen that, his brain and how smart he is, his good looks, his athleticism, his wit and charm....I'm thankful for it all. He is my #1.

Finally, my precious baby girl. Gosh. Who knew someone could make your already great life even better. Blake and I go back and forth just about every evening, "Have I told you how much I love our daughter? Thank you for giving her to me." It's amazing how much you can love someone else but it makes you love your spouse so much more. There's nothing that can describe the love you have for your child. I've read books and tried explaining it but it is impossible. I just know she's the greatest gift Blake and I have ever been given. I love watching her learn and grow and soak up everything that is going on around her. I see so much of Blake in her and so much of me in her and we are better people because of her. She lights up our lives. I so thankful God gave us Anna.

Really, I could sit and pray and thank God every single hour that I am awake for my husband, my daughter and our family but honestly it wouldn't be enough. Thank you God, for my precious family!

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