Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I inherited (picked up at a young age) "brushing" my hair with my fingers from my mom. Specifically, the left front or back side of the head. To my surprise and wonder Anna inherited this and started "petting" the left, back side of her head like me and her Mimi do since she was a month or two old. However, since she is just now getting some hair after being bald since birth she still pets her head but grabs tiny hairs and pulls on them VERY hard. She hasn't mastered the "finger brushing" technique just yet and is in pain but won't stop doing it. It's not as often as I play with my hair but when she is sleepy or sitting back relaxing in her car seat she will start petting the side of her head.

How curious is it that she picked that up so early without really knowing what she was doing; without first seeing it and copying it. I remember I was in elementary school, 1st grade to be exact because I remember I the school I was going to and what car we were driving at the time, when I first started this habit. On the way home from school, church, whatever, I would sit in the back seat behind the driver's seat and I would watch my mom rest her elbow on the door and pull her hair through her hands over and over and over. So, I thought, "That must feel good. Let me try it." No, I don't remember what I thought but I must've thought it was neat because I started playing with my hair and now it's my own soothing habit as well.

What quirks or funny things do your kids do that you or your spouse or a family member does?  

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