Monday, February 27, 2012

18 month Doctor Visit

Anna did very well at her 18 month check up. she HATES the doctor. She is fine in the waiting room but since it's the same nurse every time she starts crying, well, screaming until we leave. After the "mean" nurse enters, then the "mean" doctor enters. I guess I can't say I don't blame her. Every time she has been they've done something not fun. Shots, eye procedures, breathing treatments (while not painful, it can be traumatic...I hate masks at the dentist and things), catheders, blood draws, etc... But, this time it was much better. She still cried but not for the entire time. :) Yay! I hope that she is starting to know that we are doing this because we love her. I always hated it when my parents said that about stuff but it is true.

Anna is in teh 15th percentile for her weight and 40th for her height. She is staying on her "normal" growth curve so she is perfect for her. Not growing too slowly or too quickly, but staying on her normal growth pattern and he was happy with that. She only had to have 1 shot and now she is done with shots until her 4 year old check up. Yay!

We are finally done with her breathing treatments everyday. Those are much easier though since we moved to the inhaler. But, I'm glad that we stuck with it for about a year and kept her from getting worse. The med she was on helped the lungs heal and not create anymore damage from other times she got sick with colds and such. When she would get sick throughout the year we would also throw in some treatments with her albuterol which opened her airways and helped her breathe.

When the doctor started asking how many words she knew and how she was doing developmentally I was telling him that Anna knows the words hi, bye, no, hello, dog, carrot, mamma, daddy, mimi, pop, night night, cow, bubbles, thank you, bite, more, lala (Aunt Laura), Coco (cousin coco), mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and she also knows how a cow goes, how a kitten goes and how a dog I was rattling those off and I said "nose" and she pointed to my nose and said, "nose" and then touched my lips and said "mouth." The doctor looked kind of in awe and said, "wow...that's impressive." I jokingly said, " yes. she's a genius." And, he said, "acutally I'll confirm that you have a very smart girl. Most 18 month olds will point to a body part when you say it but not say it just yet. And, she knows "mouth" and "ears" and that's really great. She's a bright girl and I see a lot of 18 month olds." I was so proud of my smart little baby girl.

I do have to admit that it probably just isn't me and my brain cells she got ;) but that she loves to read and they say readers are smarter. Since she was a litle baby, 7/8 months old, she loved books. Just loved flipping through them and coming over and sitting with us and having us read. She would wait patietnly while we read the book and she would study the pages. Now, she likes to "read." Her favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and last week she went and picked up tht book and opened each page and said, "I see. I see." which is the last part on each page."  I got a video of it and it was sent to her daddy because I was so surprised she was "reading" it! :) 

So, she is growing and learning and doing everything a normal little 18 month old is doing and more and I am so happy she is mine! I'm so happy that she completes our little family of 3. Blake and I couldn't be happier with our little lives together. I can't wait to see what the next year and half brings with Anna as she grows and learns. And...many, many more years too!!

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