Tuesday, February 21, 2012

18 months

I haven't written in forever but I thought it was high time because we have a full-on communicator in the house! She's been saying words and waving bye bye and blowing kisses and all that for a while, 10, 11, 12 months-ish but now we can actually conversate. ;) It's crazy and blows my mind. Everyone always says, "I wonder what babies are thinking?" Well, I know. They are thinking, "Hey. You've been telling me what to do and how to do and what to say and how to say it for the past 18 months. Now it's my turn!" :)

Anna tells me when it's bathtime by walking into the bathroom, pointing at the tub and saying, "Bubblesss!" She tells me when she wants more food by saying, "More" while hitting her finger on the tray where she wants me to put it. No joke. She's very demanding. No clue where she gets that. When she is tired by saying, "night night." and pointing to her bed. She also loves her sleep and loves her bed. No clue where she comes by that either. But, the funniest thing, to me, is that when I ask her questions she actually pauses to think and then she shakes her head yes or no or says yes or no. And, it's all pretty accurate. "Do you want more milk?" normally, the answer is yes. But, if I ask her something silly, to check and see if she really has a clue, she'll shake her head "no." It's crazy.

I just can't believe how quickly this past year and a half have gone by. how much she has grown and learned. She now has opinions...oh, dear! She can almost say "I love you." and I can't wait until it is super clear. Right now it is "I Llll...I see!" Cause her favorite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See? and every page she "reads" and says, "I seeeeee! I seeeee!" It's darling. I love her and I can't wait to continue to see the new things she learns and does!

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