Tuesday, July 10, 2012

22 months...

Anna is talking so much and blowing my mind. She has been "Singing" the abc song for a couple weeks but now she can sing almost the whole thing! "ABCDEFG ....LMNOP ...TUV..YZ...YAY!" and, she knows all of her colors and knows that, "Airplane is in the sky" and yesterday at dinner told us, "Daddys shirt is orange." My jaw dropped and I was like, "Really? how do you know that! stop growing up! omg!"

Then, last night she crawled up in the twin bed that's in her room and curled up with a teddy bear and pillow and said, "night night." There's NO WAY, i'm going to be emotionally stable the day that she transitions into her toddler crib/bed or the twin bed. NO WAY. THinking about it makes me teary-eyed.

When they say kids grow fast that's the understatement of the year. I can't believe that one year ago, 9.5 months old, she wasn't even walking and barely saying momma and daddy and now it's like, "how can that only be one year ago?" It seems like light years ago but it was only 12 little months. It's just crazy.

Some of Anna's favorite things:


Colors - She likes to pick things up and tell us what color it is

Books - always been her thing. her favorite is one that her Aunt Lala gave her. It's 100 first words but it's pictures of animals, food, babies "doing" things like sleeping, eating, bathing, etc..., transportation,etc.. She loves sitting and naming everything and pointing to things when we ask her, "Where's the truck" or whatever

Outside - loves playing outside of course

Walks - 4-5 times/week she gets a ride int he stroller with me pushing her around the neighborhood. She loves to walk

Food - always loved food - Blueberries, cookies (animal crackers), carrots (still...has been since she started eating "real" food), cracker (pb crackers), ham, cheese...there's really nothing she doesn't eat though

Demanding things - she loves to tell me and her daddy to "sit down" ("It d-own!") but we are working with her manners

She's very sweet when she knows she's done something wrong. She has been hitting lately but the second she does it she knows she shouldn't and immedietly says, "I sorry" and hugs you.

She is stubborn. To the max. (I guess all 18-24 month old kids are...)

color - she likes ot color

potty- she likes to sit on her potty and occassionally peepees. she is very proud of me or her daddy when we go potty. "Yay! daddy potty!" It's fun coming out of the bathroom to a cheer!

I can't believe I haven't kept up with all of her growing...one reason I picked back up on the blog. Her growing up all happened so fast and each month I would sit to type something but something came up. So, I'm goign to try to be better. I want to look back with her and say, "at this age you did and liked and we went and blah blah blah" .... so, maybe I can back track in a blog and try and re-cap and then going forward I can keep it up. I feel like i've said this before....
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