Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Year Old Anna!

Anna turned 2 on Sunday August 19th! Wow! What a great little year and awesome little blessing she is. She’s a little firecracker, so smart, so funny and her little personality is well, demanding. She might take after her daddy in the looks department but she’s stubborn, knows what she wants, but is very sweet all at once…just like her momma! ;)

We went to her 2 year check-up and she’s in the 25th percentile for her age. After she was born and “caught up” from not being on the growth charts at all she’s always hovered around the 20th -25th percent and she’s still there and he said he doesn’t care where she falls (unless it’s way low or way high) as long as she isn’t showing huge dips or increases in growth. And, she’s been steady so all is good in the growth department!

The doctor was quite impressed with her vocabulary and told us to continue what we are doing. The only thing we’ve done is read to her and that’ only because that is her toy of choice. Even as a 9 month old she’d sit in our lap and “study” a book page staring at the colors and scanning the page. She loves to read. We’ve never done Baby Einstein or Any Baby Can Read (and our pedi actually advised against anything like that with “sight words”) but we’ve only just played with her! And, that we can continue doing! Now though she wants to sit down beside us and not in our lap when we read to her and that breaks my heart.

When she was sitting there while we were talking she interrupted and said, “I want the white one” while pointing to a magazine and he said that is a three year old complete sentence. We told him she has LOTS to say and a MIND to think she can tell us what to do as well. He said that with kids like Anna the discipline department is going to be a lot different than average kids because they are always thinking of their “next move” and that is totally Anna. When we sit down and talk to her about bad behavior or something she just did she is looking at us but you can totally tell she is thinking of what she is going to do when I’m done talking.

Sunday she asked me, “Momma, you sleep good?” and then when Blake said he was going to jump in the shower Anna looked puzzled and said, “Daddy’s going to jump in the shower?!” while doing the jump up and down motion. It was so funny!

Here’s Two-Year Old Anna in a nut shell
She can say her ABC’s
Count to 10
Sing: Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy and You Know It, Wheels on the Bus…I think I’m missing a couple
Knows ALMOST all her colors (lime green and yellow mix her up)
Knows her basic shapes
Loves to “Play House”
Loves pajamas
Loves to play outside
LOVES to ride in dad’s truck
Likes all foods but in particular loves cheese, ham cubes, fruit, carrots, and of course cookies
Likes to do her puzzles and read

Besides all that her little mind knows she’s such a firecracker. She loves for the three of us to be together. If I’m in her room with her she calls for Daddy and vice versa. She likes to have us all together for everything we do. When we are in a parking lot and me or blake ask for her hand to hold she looks around for the other parent to make sure that she has their hand to hold as well. She thinks she’s so funny. She will bus out laughing at herself all the time. She’s so cute! She loves her sleep. We have to wake her up in the mornings and she isn’t very happy about it!

I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow and learn new things. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with family and friends and she had the most fun!

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