Saturday, November 24, 2012

Things to Remember...

I'm keeping a short posts of things we really hope to never forget about Anna. Blake asked me the other day, "You're writing this stuff down, aren't you." "Yes, dear. Yes, I am." :)

Anna says Look at the... like, "Look a la!" Like, "Look a la moon!" and "Look a la tree!" It's really cute how she says it.

When she wants to fix my hair she says in a chinese accent, "Let me fick ya hai" :) Lol!

If I moan or take a deep breath she runs over and asks, "Momma, your tummy (or sometimes says belly) hurt? Hurt cause the baby?" and of course she always tells us "My tummy hurts!" and we ask why and she says, "Cause of the baby...." Ha!

Um....that's all I can think of now that we recently talked about it. :)

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