Friday, December 21, 2012

baby 2 - macy jane!

Last night we found out that we are expecting another baby girl! I was getting so anxious because it took a while for the tech to find the area she was looking for and then she said, "Well, the baby's legs are closed..." and started "hitting" on my belly with the wand trying to get the baby to move. She moved somewhat and the tech said, "it looks like a girl...I just need a better look."

One of my fears of finding out was that we'd go in and we'd actually not be able to find out because the baby wouldn't cooperate. So, I looked at Blake and gave him that look, the, "I-knew-we-weren't-going-to-be-able-to-find-out!!" The tech asked me to roll over on my left side for a while and I rolled back and we tried again. Then, she had me get up and jump up and down. LOL!

Finally, even though the baby kept her legs crossed at the ankles her thighs opened up enough for her to say it was a girl and get some good pictures.

We were excited and told Anna, "You're going ot have a baby sister." she shook her head "no." Haha! But, this morning she said she was excited to have a sister and once we have a name we can talk more about her and pray for her instead of "baby" This is one of the main reasons we wanted to find out this time around was so we could prepare Anna and since the beginning Anna has referred to "him" and "brother" Even when I showed her the first sonogram pictures she grabbed the picture and said, "I wanna hold him" So, we knew that since the baby has a 50% of not being a boy we should find out so we can prepare Anna and talk specifically about him or her. Now, we can! Anna's baby sister! :)

Anna also kept telling us that her tummy hurt and she needed on the bed. and on the way home she said "I need to go in the tummy hurts." because she wanted to get her tummy looked at too.

We asked Anna what we should name her baby sister and she said, "A-N-N-N-N-N-A" (how she spells her name) and we laughed and said that would be very confusing and if we sent her sister to time out how would she know we weren't sending her to time out.

The cutest part, the part I wish I had my camera, was when the tech turned on the sound and let us hear the heartbeat. Anna's jaw fell and she stared at the screen in awe. It was a precious moment.

I can't wait to hold this precious baby and see her and see if she looks just like her big sister. I'm so thankful for the gift of life and for being blessed with another healthy baby! God is good.

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